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  • jaybird

    Something I thought I’d never say: “l’ll meet you in Van Ness”.

    • Comment Artist

      +1. I live pretty close to here and never, ever go here unless it’s to the car wash across the street or one of the liquor stores.

  • PretzelThirsty

    Dang, right in the ol’ feel box with the Shanghai Garden pic.

  • maxwell smart

    So excited to see some new development in Van Ness! The Thai place that opened next door not too long ago is awesome! Can’t wait to check this place out.

  • Bespoke Living

    Artisanal concrete floors and columns!

  • L

    how does this stay in business once the Fannie Mae offices at Conn & Van Ness are empty?

    • maxwell smart

      I would imagine the residents that live in the area and/or in the building will be the primary patrons. Once Fannie Mae leaves, I imagine that block will quickly see redevelopment and bring even more audience to the neighborhood. Plus UDC.

  • The Artist Formerly Know As P.Raw

    A little (j)bird told me that the guy who runs the beer over there has fierce beard.

  • UpConn

    +1 for the URL, though the $6 “happy hour” microbrews they were offering at the jazz preview a couple weeks ago could have benefited from some (old) Glen’s pricing. To my taste, there are better happy hour deals on the same block at both Thai Pad and Acacia, though the selections are very different. Still looking forward to trying out Soapstone, especially for the food from the counter.


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