eatsa, “an unprecedented, fully-automated faster food experience” opens Tuesday the 29th

by Prince Of Petworth November 22, 2016 at 3:40 pm 14 Comments

Joy Asico (www.asicophoto.com)
eatsa K Street (1627 K Street NW) is the brand’s first location in Washington, D.C. (Photo Credit: Joy Asico)

From a press release:

“On Tuesday, November 29, eatsa, an unprecedented, fully-automated faster food experience, will open the doors to its first Washington location at 1627 K Street NW. The new eatsa, in the heart of downtown D.C., will be the largest location in the country. Washingtonians can enjoy the brand’s signature, customizable, healthy and flavorful bowls — with quinoa at the core — at an unbeatable price point.

Interior photo of the K Street eatsa, which is the brand’s largest storefront in the country (Photo Credit: Joy Asico)

With all eatsa bowls starting at $6.95, the K Street location is primed to become the city’s most sought-after new lunch destination with a wide variety of globally-inspired, personalized options, such as the teriyaki Bento Bowl, with edamame, stir-fry quinoa and apple-cabbage slaw and the Burrito Bowl, with guacamole, asada portobello mushrooms and tortilla chips. eatsa will be open for breakfast as well, serving coffee, tea and small sides, including fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits.

eatsa guests can order their meals via a first-of-its-kind automated food pick-up system featuring a collection of glass door “cubbies” that display personalized graphics, and produce a customized meal within minutes. eatsa’s delicious, hearty bowls are great for quick breakfast, lunch and dinner options that provide a substantial amount of protein and are served in as quickly as 90 seconds. Guests can also skip the line by ordering through the eatsa mobile app.”


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