Update: Two Daytime Shootings (1:30 and 3:30pm) at 15th and A St, SE “20 feet from the Center City Charter playground”

by Prince Of Petworth November 19, 2016 at 2:42 pm 29 Comments

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From MPD around 1:30pm:

“Shooting: 1500 A St SE. S1-B/M, long dreds, blu jns, 6′. S2-B/M, 20-30 YOA, 5’10”-6′, MD build, black hat. L/S fleeing in a dark grn sedan.”

An the Hill East Listserv a neighbor reported:

“There was a shooting in the middle of the day today on the corner of 15 and A Street SE. I was 20 feet away at the Center City Charter playground with my kids and I am sick that this happened.”

Update from MPD around 3pm:

“MPD is on the scene of a confirmed Shooting in the 1500 block of A Street, SE.No look out”

Full update from MPD:

“This afternoon [Saturday], at approximately 1:30pm, officers of the First District responded to the 1500 block of A Street SE for the sounds of gunshots. The officers located a victim who was suffering from a single gunshot wound to the rear of the left leg. The suspect in the case was described as a black male, 20-30 years old, approximately 6 feet tall and medium build, wearing dark jeans and a black hat. A dark gray 4-door Volkswagen was also observed leaving the area.

At approximately 3:30pm, another call for sounds of gunshots came from the 1500 block of A Street SE. First District officers responded and contacted an individual who had a minor gunshot wound to the forearm. There was no lookout information provided for the suspect in the second incident.

First District Officers and Detectives are currently working these cases, and the information is subject to change as these investigations progress. Much assistance has already been provided by community members, and has already proven to be of great help. As we are committed to thoroughly investigating and closing these incidents quickly, we encourage community members that might have additional information or video footage of the area to contact the First District Detectives Office at 202-299-2025. Alternatively, you can provide information anonymously to the MPD Tip Line by texting your information to 50411.”

  • MS_76

    Yep. For the past year police has all but disappeared from this corner, and they used to have at least one patrol car parked at all times. Since then, slowly but surely, there has been steady increase in loitering and drug dealing by local hoodlooms. There are days when there’s 15-20 of them “hanging out”, smoking weed all day long, cars stopping by and “high fives” exchanged. It was just a matter of time beefing started and somebody got shot. Thankfully, no innocent bystanders hurt, but, frankly, unless police reassert their presence and start harassing them and booking them for minor infractions, these animals are going to make this area unlivable.

    • stacksp

      Animals and Hoodlums…Got a heck of a way with words

      • Kingman Park

        Way to overlook the bigger problem to complain about “offensive” words.

      • PJ

        This is why Trump won…. :-)

      • kittycatbob

        They are animals and hoodlums! I live a block away and they do smoke week all day, destroy private property, and set up open air drug markets on multiple corners. Now they’re shooting at each other, within two hours of each incident. What do you propose we call them? Delicate flowers? Misunderstood?

      • MS_76

        Care to suggest different, PC police approved labels for these animals and hoodlooms ?

        • stacksp

          As the police already noted in its update, we have a victim and a suspect.

  • MS_76

    And as I was writing this, there were 5-6 more shots fired on the same block, and that after a massive police presence minutes before.

    • raeface

      We heard the second shooting too from 15& C SE–sounded like it came from 16th A or so…5 shots fired.

      • MN

        My wife and I just moved to the area because of the constant family environment. However, it is surprising to see these incidents happening so frequently. Does anyone know what the police department is planning to do to address the situation? According to the Crime Alert 1st District, there were actually 3 shootings this afternoon: one at 13:26, another at 15:00; and the last a little before 16:00.

        • Ally

          I’ve lived in the neighborhood since 2006 and bought my home in this neighborhood in 2010. Had our son in 2015. It’s gradually been getting better in terms of crime. The last two years, though, have seen an uptick. This, though, is VERY atypical for our neighborhood. We’re all sick to our stomachs over this. Hang in there. It’ll get better.

        • Ally

          And, the Mayor’s office reached out to the listserv and we’ve been promised a constant police presence there — at least for a few days.

        • kittycatbob

          Denise Krepps, our ANC, organized a meeting w/ MPD for this evening at 7PM. Contact her for more details.

          • kittycatbob

            Details are below it’s the meeting is next Monday. Sorry!

  • Ally

    We live on this block. Had to get our 18-month old child to an interior room for the second shooting. I’m told there were kids on the playground during the first shooting. There is a special place for someone capable of shooting someone in front of kids on a playground at a nunnery!? I have no words beyond that. Horrified, devastated, and just trying to find joy in my family, who luckily were not hurt, tonight.

  • namjak

    I live on 16th an A. The wife and I heard the shots but thought they came from 17th. Sad to see it was actually ON our block :( 15th and A is a perfect case study for DC’s need of loitering laws.

    • anonymous2u

      +1 on loitering laws!

  • I.rex

    Damn. I heard the 3:30 shots when i was outside a few blocks away. Had hoped it was fireworks.

  • E in Rosedale

    Damn. I ride my kids home in a bike trailer past there every day. There’s almost always a group of guys loitering around the liquor store, the barber shop, or that new institutional type building in between. BTW, anyone know what that building is used for?

    • RD

      That building has a long history. It is part of the Community Action Group (CAG). It collapsed in 2009 when CAG decided it wanted to dig out a basement. It has taken a very long time to get the building finished because they would run out of funding. So far the new CAG building hasn’t opened yet to the public. CAG offers services to the community like drug rehabilitation/counseling. You can find more info on their website.

      • E in Rosedale

        Thanks RD. That’s kind of what I figured. Great cause, but I’m afraid their absence in the building, plus the actual design of the building itself (small windows with ledges to set things on, no street front presence for occupants) is only adding to this problem, at least for now.

      • ObserverDC

        Maybe it is time to require all businesses that receive tax exemptions to have 24-7 ideomsurveillance of the outside of their premises as a condition for their handout? That would mean mandatory cameras on CG, the convent, and the charter school. It seems like this corner may be attractive because it is the least residential in the area that is not monitored. Pretty sure 7-11 has cameras.

        • Ally

          Luckily, a couple residences along there did have active cameras and are assisting police.

  • K. SPAIN

    From Denise Krepp: “Commissioner Jayaraman, Commissioner Ridge, Councilmember Allen, and I are sponsoring a community meeting on Monday, November 28th at 7:30pm to discuss the two shootings yesterday at 15th and A Street, SE.

    The meeting will be held at St. Coletta of Greater Washington (1901 Independence Ave, SE).

    Acting MPD Chief Newsham and members of his staff will be attending the meeting, and they will provide an update to neighbors on the police investigation.

    I’ve also invited representatives from 7-Eleven, SE Market, and CAG to attend the meeting.

    Councilmember Allen and I will moderate it.

    I’m the organizer of the meeting so if you have any questions about it, please email or call me”

  • Joe

    The police can only enforce laws, news flash that’s why it’s called law enforcement. There is no law in DC against black males “hanging on the corner”. If you would like a law that states no more then 2 blacks can congregate in an area at one time, then get a group to write your elected city officials. Until then it’s really not a law enforcement issue. Also paying a police office to sit on your corner 24 hours a day so that the problem is pushed a block down is just plain dumb.

    • tom

      smoking weed on the corner is illegal. the cops could enforce existing laws on the books.

      • anonymous2u

        So is dealing drugs and open containers of alcohol. They are not just innocently ‘hanging out’ as you imply, enforcement is possible

        • say what

          Not worth it to the police. I talked to an officer who was in my daughters class last year and he said its not worth the effort as these crimes are not prosecuted anyhow. Especially if they are juveniles. So unless cops have reason to believe there are weapons on the guys then absolutely no one is getting arrested for smoking weed on a corner even if it does lead to problems later. Also, Bowser got rid of vice squads. Lots less undercover work being done in general. Idiot Naduea called them “jump out squads” and is more concernedwith the precious feelings of the drugs dealers on the corner than any real police work. Our whole neighborhood in Ward 1 are counting down the months till she is out of office.

    • MS_76

      There are laws against alcohol consumption in public, marijuana consumption in public, littering … My meter runs out for 5 minutes and some ultra efficient public Stevan has already slapped a ticket on my windshield. Dare I not pay it they’d be after my ass fully enforcing the law, I have no doubt. But when it comes to above mentioned laws, there seems to be some unwritten rule that it’s not “worth the time” for the police. Really ? All their interests in is busting kingpins these days ? There doesn’t need to be a conviction resulting in 15 years of prison time as the result of every police action to make me happy, but there needs to be a steady dose of harrasement putting these people on the notice. It doesn’t take much of their time at all, since they seem to have plenty on their hands spending it at the nearby Cupboard. Otherwise, we all just wait till things escalate like they did Saturday, and someone ends up dead whether as intentional target or collateral damage.


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