But if you are looking to get out of dodge – This is going for $489,000 in Belize

by Prince Of Petworth — November 10, 2016 at 12:50 pm 13 Comments


I very much love DC, hopefully that is obvious, but this is giving me pause… Thanks to a reader for sending from Sotheby’s International Realty:

“Belize Sotheby’s International Realty is excited to offer this charming Caye Caulker oceanfront cottage! The home was constructed in 2012 and is being sold completely furnished. The property has split living quarters with two units. Consider living in one and renting the other! On the ground floor you’ll find a 1bed/1bath 650 sq.ft. studio. Up the flight of stairs you’ll have access to a 2bed/ 2 full bath apartment with 1200 sq. ft. including the 3rd floor loft. Tastefully decorated with a Caribbean flair and very unique items. Some reclaimed building materials including doors, decor and accent pieces have been gathered from throughout Belize.The sandy lot measures 99 x 147 and has both mature trees and new growth. Plenty of space for constructing additional indoor/outdoor living space! Very unique and a “must see” for anyone looking for a vacation home, rental opportunity or considering relocating. As an investment, you will gain instant equity, as the property was previously sold at a much higher price, and Belize is now more poplar than ever before! Close to amenities, in a quiet area, right on the water…what more could you ask for?! Caye Caulker has so much to offer with water activities including snorkeling, diving, fishing and wind surfing. On land, join in on birdwatching and enjoy over 100 species, some of which are rarely found elsewhere! Walking around town you’ll notice well over 2 dozen gift shops, many markets, and local artisans. When you are ready to dine, more than 25 restaurants offer Belizean and international cuisine, including fresh seafood with lobster, conch and red snapper as seasonal specialties. Belize is a very special place, and Caye Caulker is one of the many reasons why!”

The 3 bed/3 bath is listed at $489,000.

  • Jane

    As appealing as an island getaway sounds, there’s the sobering realization that it could be underwater or ravaged by a tsunami in the next few years, especially if we’re going to withdraw from the Paris accords.

    • Reed_Walter

      Tsunamis and CO2 emissions have VERY little to do with each other.

      Also, Atlantic tsunamis are pretty rare (and Belize is sheltered behind Cuba and Hispanolia).

      So while I’m on board with your sentiment, the science here doesn’t back up your hesitance to buy this property. 😉

      • TKPK

        Agree that Tsunamis would be highly rare, with a connection to global warming being tenuous. Hurricanes, on the other hand, are not that rare and the global warming connection is a little easier to make. Caye Caulker does not have high ground. At it’s highest, it is about 10 feet above sea level.

        The last major hurricane to hit the island created a small channel in the middle, essentially creating two islands.

        Ten years ago, I spent a week there being a bum. Highly recommended.

        • Reed_Walter

          Agree about hurricane risks, but that is the case with any beachfront property and is not unique to increased CO2 scenarios.

          Again, not arguing with the sentiment, but if someone is going to use science to further an argument, I would prefer that said someone get the science correct.

  • Near Northeast

    Belize, which only just this year decriminalized homosexuality (and whose government is still appealing that court decision in an effort to re-criminalize it), is not where I’d choose to go to escape a Trump/Pence presidency.

  • stacksp

    Is it walkable to Whole Foods?

  • JT

    San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua has an abundance of affordable houses/condos on or close to its gorgeous beaches. And, there are several easy ways to get residency from investors to pensioners. And, it is much more of a progressive country. 🙂


    • Near Northeast

      Progressive, maybe. Democratic, not so much.


    • MadMax

      I think one of the driving factors of Belize being more expensive than many of its neighbors is that English is the primary language. That allows them to have a high premium for expats.

  • This house is on a tiny island off the mainland of Belize. So you might need a boat, too. On the positive side, Belize is the only country in Central America where English is the official language, so you wouldn’t need to learn Spanish.

  • Bloomy

    What are their pop-up regulations?

  • I lived on a sailboat in Belize for 6+ months and I remember Caye Caulker as an isolated tiny low island with an enormous pestilence of sand flies. If you’re thinking Belize – just go with Ambergris Caye.

  • Ghengiz Ken

    Cayer Caulker is no island paradise. It’s a tiny shanty town with no beaches and no swimming. Mangroves line the shore and the water is only knee deep and thick with sea grass all the way out to the boat lane. Worst island vacation ever.


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