Your UNIQLO Dreams Have Been Answered(ish)

by Prince Of Petworth October 27, 2016 at 10:10 am 38 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user L. Shanley

A good opportunity to check out that Silver Line we’ve been hearing so much about…

HeatTech for everyone!!

UNIQLO Tysons Corner opens tomorrow at 10am:

“Come join us as we celebrate the opening of the UNIQLO Tysons Corner Center store!


Giveaways and special promotions will be available for the entire weekend.

Line up – The first 100 guests on 10/28-10/30 will receive a mystery gift card, valued up to $100

Check in – Check in on Swarm and receive a $5 gift card

Check out – Our special opening weekend promotions! All guests can get a free HEATTECH with any purchase of $50+, and a free tote bag with any purchase of $100+

Stay for – A weekend full of excitement including:
Special in-store DC United player appearances from 10am-2pm on 10/28
Free matcha tea and electro music from 4pm-8pm on 10/28
Calligraphy art sessions and jazz music from 12pm-4pm on 10/29
Kendama (traditional Japanese toy) demonstrations and hip hop music from 12pm-4pm on 10/30″

  • accendo

    Wonder why the graphic has a “#UniqloDenver” hash tag?

    • cuz

      they are also opening a Uniqlo in Denver this weekend #whoopsie

      • textdoc

        Heh! Maybe they have the same PR team as Petco (whose recent flyer for their new D.C. store showed a map of a Petco in some other state).

  • tom

    Score one for Fairfax, but I’m still not spending $40 on uber or spending 90 min on metro to go out there and back. I will visit when I’m in NYC or Philly and continue to hold out for an actual DC store.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      You don’t have any friends with a car who would drive you out there? At all???

      • “Juice” Terry Lawson

        Personally, I can’t think of anyone I’d feel comfortable asking to drive me out to Tysons to shop at Uniqlo. I’m not trying to be confrontational, but I can’t think of anyone in my circle who’d be enthusiastic about giving up their time to fight traffic to go to a mall in Fairfax. Obviously plenty of people do, that’s why there’s traffic, but most people I know who have cars either also have kids and are have other priorities, or keep a car for trips to the beach or to visit family in PA or wherever, but don’t care to drive much in the metro area.

        • ??

          fighting traffic to go to a mall in fairfax? are you trying to go at rush hour? a) it’s really not that far b) hardly anything resembling traffic most of the weekend / even at night c) i used to be kinda like you, but honestly i don’t understand so many posters constant hatred of the suburbs – it’s pretty impossible to have everyone live in the center of the city, especially given the cost of housing here. which is why you see some of the most vibrant ethnic communities outside of DC proper. try to be a little openminded everyone! you might learn something about the region you live in by visiting more of it.

          • stacksp

            Tysons is about 30 to 45 min from downtown dc at all times other than rush hour. 395 to GW Parkway to Route 7 is an easy scenic drive and takes you right to the mall. Tysons has almost every store imaginable between the two malls and neighboring shopping centers and plenty of places to eat.

          • TJ

            Tysons is a traffic mess all the time and malls are soul sucking. Free your mind from the tyranny some call “the American dream.”

          • Anon

            My girlfriend talked me into taking her to Tysons once. Getting there was ok, but it took over an hour just to park. Never again.

          • Anon

            If you hate driving it’s kinda hard to not hate the suburbs (at least the ones with poor transit infrastructure like Fairfax County).

        • Anon

          Yea, I can’t really think of anyone who’d want to spend 2hrs driving to go shopping for $10 tshirts, when you could easily order that exact thing online and have it delivered pretty much for free. But I guess some folks don’t have anything better to do with their time?

          • shhh… keep it all for me

            yup there is nothing to do in far far far away Fairfax other than Uniqlo.

          • Anon

            Heh, all yours chief!

      • tom

        Yeah, as people stated. Most of my friends in DC actually don’t have cars. Of those that do, I would ride along if they are going. But, I wouldn’t aks them to go out of their way and spend 2 hours dribing me out to the mall and back.

        As was pointed out, millions of people live in NoVa so I’m sure this store will do fine. But, I would still like to see a DC store. IMO, DC’s core still remains under-retailed compared to SF, Chi or even Boston. We have been making stready progress. But, call me greedy, I would still like to see more.

    • All Day

      Northern Virginia has many more people than DC, so the store should do fine without your patronage.

  • That One Guy

    I like the photo that goes along with the post…haha.

  • Nathan

    I’ll just order online:) They ship to DC pretty damn fast. My order last Friday arrived this Tuesday.

    • Anon

      Yep, I just ordered something yesterday that should be arriving Monday. Aside from the hassle of going to Tysons (and malls in general) stores are often sold out of my size and it’s harder to objectively browse the selection. Unless you lack the patience to wait a few days online shopping beats going to a store in every way.


    That sign would read so much better if it said “From Tokyo to DC”

  • anon

    Not answered. I’m more likely to go to Tokyo than Tysons, and in fact have done so more recently.

    • maxwell smart
      • maxwell smart

        insert eyeroll gif

        • Anon

          Eh, I’m totally with them. Nothing draws me to Tysons, and I wouldn’t take a job out there either. But to each their own.

  • Anon

    I’d far rather pay for shipping than drive out to Tysons.

    • Nathan

      Its only $2.90 flat rate shipping too.

      • JS

        That’s gotta be cheaper than most folks’ Metro fares to Tysons, too.

        • textdoc

          That is a very good point.

  • maxwell smart

    But… is someone driving out from Ohio and camping with their kids overnight?

  • bruno

    Uniqlo derives from the first syllables of “unique” and ‘clothing,” as the Japanese often do with English words. For example, pokemon is the first syllables of “pocket” and “monster” and so on.

    • textdoc

      I remember in Japan they also had a toll-free (I think?) number ending in “296,” as the syllables “ni,” “ku,” and “ro” in “Uniqlo” sound like those numbers.

      • bruno

        Kawaii! My favorite is “hansuto,” for hunger strike! Seku-hara, is sexual harassment, etc.

    • west_egg

      Interesting point–I’ve never thought about the word “clothes” in relation to the second part of the word. I’ve always pronounced it “UNI-clo” but I have friends who say “u-NIQUE-u-lo”.

      • bruno

        The Japanese kana, which appear in the upper left of the ad Dan posted here, read: U NI KU RO, which is as close as you can get in Japanese phonetics to Uniclo (or Uniqlo, as they chose to sepll it in English letters). ユニクロ The Wiki entry for Uniqlo explains why they went with the “q” spelling if you care to read it.

      • textdoc

        In Japan, it’s more the second pronunciation (“you-NEE-k(y)u-loh”).

        • bruno

          ク is “ku”…. “kyu” is not a possible reading of it. Kyu is キュ

          • textdoc

            Yes, I know that. I included the “y” because that’s how I pronounce it in English, and how other English speakers pronounced it.

  • Anonymous

    I cool with no Uniqlo in DC. I can still order online for dirt cheap shipping and pay no sales tax. Much cheaper than gas money or Metro fare to/from Tysons. And saves myself about two hours of driving.


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