• Steve

    Dunkin’ Donuts is fast casual?!? That’s news to me.

    • Rest easy Steve – it’s all semantics!! Fast Food = Fast Casual. Some like coffee and donuts and some prefer quinoa. Such is life in 2016.

  • Well at least the storefronts aren’t vacant in Tenleytown. That’s about all the enthusiasm I can muster.

  • Tenleytown Tim

    And Seoul Spice will be opening soon next to District Taco on Wisconsin Ave…

    • Tell me more about that.

      • Tenleytown Tim

        It is the second location for the Korean fast casual in NoMa… it is a solid addition.

    • Anony


  • Anony

    Dunkin Donuts next to Metro=success.

    • maxwell smart

      Except this is 1 block away… you would have to pass Panera and Starbucks to get there.

      • ah

        But donuts!

    • BBBB

      Because you’ll have time to go down the escalate, see the 15 min headways, go back up, get a donut, consume it, and be back down and on the platform before the train arrives.

  • ah

    What’s the word on whether this will also house a Baskin Robins?


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