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Another Frozen Yogurt Spot Bites the Dust – An Irish Bar Not Dead Yet!!

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2016 at 10:22 am 13 Comments


Blue Moo Frozen Yogurt opened up back in June 2012 in the same building as the recently closed Hudson Trail Outfitters.

4530 Wisconsin Ave, NW


And up the block Kitty O’Sheas reports on Tuesday:

“Rumors of our demise were vastly exaggerated, opening at 6pm tonight!”

4624 Wisconsin Ave, NW

  • NW Mom

    Oh no! The kid is going to be so sad to hear about Bloo Moo. We haven’t broken the news to him about Sweet Frog yet (that one was our favorite).

  • Tenley Tim

    Blue Moo is becoming a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins… Donohoe leased it to them about a month ago.

    • ah

      If true, that could be an upgrade!

      • NW Mom

        Agreed. Kid would be happy. My thighs, not so much.

      • ***

        Really? I didn’t grow up in an area with Dunkin Donuts. I have had the coffee exactly once in a moment of freezing desperation in New York. It tasted like what I imagine gas station coffee tastes like. I don’t get the hype. Plus there is already Starbucks and Panera a stones throw away, which already covers the bad coffee / pastries route. Would rather see something a little more inspired in this location than a generic chain.

        • ah

          But ice cream!

          I grew up near Boston, so, yeah, don’t dump on DD. That said I’ve never gone for the coffee, but the doughnuts are good, and BnR is solid ice cream.

          • ***

            I’m one of those weird people that doesn’t like donuts and I’m good with about a spoonful of Ice Cream annually, which is all to say, literally nothing excites me about this. The District Taco opening down the street… now that is a different story.

  • Kd

    Please don’t take away Mr Yogato

  • U neighbor

    How about Lovely Yogurt at 11th and U? That place has to be a front for some other activities, and I don’t mean bagel activities. Looks altogether closed lately.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Seems like the frozen yogurt fad is slowly passing again, for the second or third time.

  • vannessie

    I never understood how those froyo places stay in business, especially in the winter. Too bad they’re closing right before their peak season (and I know on of the managers; good kid and I’m sorry he and the other employees will be out of a job).

    Glad Kitty’s is not closing, although I rarely frequent it; very awkward space for a bar (immediately before Kitty’s there was a really good kebob place there; not sure why they closed).

  • AdmoDan

    I’m shocked it was still open. I went in last summer really wanting some and after sampling 3 or 4 flavors was disgusted by how bad it was and walked out.

  • Anonymous

    Seems that the FroYo at Booeymongers on Jenifer recently removed the FroYo signage and is now a generic frozen yogurt store.


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