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  • *sweetbabyrae*

    Life ah finds a way

  • caballero

    It’s beautiful. Nature never quits.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      unlike Metro

    • eggs


  • LonelyLoganCircle

    It’s not a metaphor, it’s an O’Keeffe.

    • pantalaimon

      lol +1

    • textdoc

      Hahaha! I was thinking something similar.

  • Chocolatier City

    An evergreen metaphor.

  • LP

    WAMU had an article about the prehistoric ferns growing in the Van Ness metro.


    • Jon

      This is fascinating. I needed a shift from trolling poll results all morning. Thanks for posting.

    • textdoc

      Thanks for the link!

  • TinkerTaylor

    Area X creeping ever closer.

    • Newtonian

      +1000 I think I saw the lighthouse keeper in a tunnel near Union Station.

  • Connor

    Van Moss metro

  • yaaaas

    a growing moss rolls no metro

  • Chris

    I’ve watched it blossom since I moved to van ness. if it eventually covers the walls completely i think it would be a nice effect. more pleasing than giant concrete slabs. and the rust/mold gorwing on the wall at the further end of the station


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