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  • Hill Denizen

    Love it. I moved to the Hill in 2008, and it’s amazing how much has changed. I remember when Lola’s first opened it was such a big deal to have a spot that was a step above a dive but not a cocktail bar. Now pretty much every bar in the neighborhood is a carbon copy.

  • Neil

    Wandering 2007 DC in Google Street View with the current imagery in the picture-in-picture is a great time-suck.

  • anon

    still remember house hunting on the Hill in early aughts and seeing someone defecate in broad daylight in neighboring 8th St. entryway

  • Ally

    Kind of neat that the old building had all the aquarium/aquatic painting detail on the side and that Chesapeake Room continued that. I’m sure it was coincidence, but still kind of neat. And, while I know people have mixed reviews of how the restaurants along there have developed, having lived there since 2006 (and in DC since 1998), it’s such an improvement over what it was. And not just because Banana Cafe is my after-work sanity saver.

  • JT

    Speaking of Lola’s, are they just renovating or has Lola’s closed up for good? Haven’t seen anything about it on the web.

    • Anonymous

      Renovating, with a Molly’s renovation following.


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