• kapitolhill

    Meh. Food’s gone downhill.

  • Anon

    This is SO amazingly garish and overwrought. Waaaay to much going on that it detracts attention from the gorgeous metalwork that most people likely won’t even notice. Oh well – I’ve lost interest long ago since they fired their old (amazing) Pit Master and started cheating out with the meat quality (it’s pretty obvious). Amateur is as amateur does… such wasted opportunity.

    • Anon

      Okay, so the good news is that this wouldn’t be that hard to fix:
      – paint over the “DCity Smokehouse” lettering at the top. It’s almost impossible to read anyway – just wasted busy space. Replace that with a small, backlit metal sign over the black awning.
      – paint over all the red diagonal lines. They’re not needed and only add to the awkward busy-ness. It’s too much and doesn’t actually add anything positive. Not every bit of space needs to be filled in
      – backlight the metalwork (maybe already done)
      – paint over some of the animals, it’s way too busy as is (the animals do look great on their own, just not with that much going on)

  • Lion of LeDroit

    Would be nice if they used metal or another material to delineate the separation between the restaurant paint and the condo paint, as the property looks a bit disjointed at the moment. I also fall in the camp that isn’t enamored of the painted parade of “animals to be slaughtered” on the side of the building – the metalwork on its own is lovely, not sure why the additional (and somewhat grotesque) bbq kitsch is necessary. I will, however, be glad to see the large patio space in front of this building brought back to life with planters, trees and outdoor seating.

  • CatieCat

    Having just moved away from living a stone’s throw from this place, I have to say I’m sad I didnt get to enjoy being a neighbor. Truxton/Bloomingdale lack quick, casual to-go type places (minus Meat & Foods, which is the BEST if you haven’t tried it), so this is a good addition. That being said, I agree with other commenters (here and on other related threads) who say the food went downhill after the opening chef left. Plus, they ALWAYS got orders wrong. ALWAYS. To the point where they had a sign that said “please check your orders before leaving.” How about YOU check the order against the ticket before giving it to me! Anyways, I digress.

    I’m curious to know what the people living in this condo building feel about the spot being here, how the mural/look turned out, AND if the smell of BBQ is going to be too much! I personally wouldn’t want it underneath my living space, but to each his own!

  • Tsar of Truxton

    Yeah, it seems like a little too much if you ask me. I liked how the old place was so simple. This place is just gaudy.

  • SWChick

    This is funny because I drove passed this yesterday and had to “break my neck”+ squint to read what it said. :-/

  • uncomfortablePig

    The pig with its eyes covered look like it was taken from the cover art for The Jungle.

    That said, can’t wait for a new place to eat in the neighborhood. (hopefully on the days when meats & foods is closed)

  • Noma girl

    I’m less concerned with the outward than what they’ll be serving. We’ve had a couple pretty horrible food experiences since the original Pit Master left and have pretty much written them off until we hear that things have gotten better. It’s a shame too, b/c we used to LOVE their food. We also have had some not so great bar experiences at Wicked Bloom where they can’t make simple mixed drinks or are constantly out of certain beers. Would love for this new location to really thrive, but they need to adjust some internal issues first in my opinion.

    • siz

      yeah, +1 to this and everyone else who noted the food’s gone down hill after rob sonderman left. and yeah…wicked bloom has always been kind of useless on the food front (which is a shame, because it’s a cool place to hang out). i’ll give it a shot when they re-open, maybe they’ve taken some of the feedback to heart (local food writers like tim carman have also published pieces about the dropoff), but i’m not optimistic.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I’m so disappointed to hear this. I went to Wicked Bloom once, shortly after it opened, and found the food and drinks to be phenomenal. I’d been dying to get back there ever since, but not so much anymore after reading comments like this.

      • The original bar manager, Ben Matz, left around the same time (maybe a bit before) Sonderman departed as pitmaster. I have no inside info, but it seemed like the money guys wanted to exert more control over the creatives once the brands were established. Too bad, too.

        I guess it’s probably better for my health — I’ve eaten less barbecue and consumed fewer cocktails since they left.

  • houseintherear

    I walked by with a friend the other day and we both thought it looked great. Glad you have them in the neighborhood in a bigger space!

  • Neighbor

    Did they run out of money and were unable to buy that last vowel? Anyone else notice it’s DC City Smokehous…on that side of the sign? it’s not on the other side of the wall…I walked over to check.

    • Evan Tupac Grooter

      Measure twice, cut once.

  • Truxton Thomas

    The place looks great. If the food is good—it’s been a while since I stopped in to the old place—I’ll be very happy and won’t have to fantasize about finding a reason to get out to Willard’s anymore. Christ, we can complain about anything.

  • figby

    I would not want to live above a BBQ joint.


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