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“Customers on the Red Line may experience significantly longer waits and crowding on platforms and trains.”

by Prince Of Petworth October 12, 2016 at 3:58 pm 13 Comments

Past Red Line Blues

Yesterday it was the Orange and Blue and Today’s Rush Hour mess features the Red Line – from WMATA:

“Metro is advising Red Line customers to expect delays during today’s afternoon rush hour and into the evening due to two unrelated service issues where trains are single tracking:

Due to defective rail fasteners in the area of Dupont Circle, all Red Line trains are sharing a single track between Farragut North and Dupont Circle stations. The issue was detected during a routine track inspection. Repairs are expected to take several hours.

Due to a cracked rail in the area of Grosvenor, all Red Line trains are sharing a single track between Medical Center and Grosvenor stations. Metro crews are currently bringing a crane to the site to replace a 39-foot section of rail.

Customers on the Red Line may experience significantly longer waits and crowding on platforms and trains.

Red Line trains may hold for extended periods of time as trains are running through single track zones in the opposite direction.

Customers on the east side of the Red Line may consider the Green Line as an alternate between Gallery Place and Fort Totten.”

  • dcd

    Can you imagine if this were tomorrow, with the Nats game? People would take so long to get to the game, they’d have to turn right around and get back on it in time for the midnight closing!

    • FridayGirl

      This is a laugh-so-you-don’t-cry moment. Hahaha….

    • rctran

      FWIW, I took Uber pool to a Nats game earlier this season (still a packed house, so not like the area was dead in terms of traffic); actually pretty great experience.. Fare was cheaper than the metro would’ve cost from Penn Quarter, and it actually picked up someone else headed to the game, so it was pretty much just a shuttle.

  • Tsar of Truxton

    So glad I don’t take metro anymore.

  • Dave

    After the meltdown on O/S/B last night (it took me 50 min to go 5 stops), this is maddening. Things continue to get worse…

    • FridayGirl

      Wait, can we rename that the S/O/B lines instead? Heh…..

      • anoNE


  • NW_DC

    Oh, the one late afternoon I need to take Red Line. Do I walk to the Metro and hope for the best or Uber/Lyft it and hope for no surge pricing. Urban decisions.

  • T from NoMa

    And aren’t these all places that have already been repaired or fixed or upgraded in the last few months? What work is being done and is it even being done correctly. Can we stop treating mass transit as a jobs program and start getting qualified employees and contractors doing the work?

  • ***

    Which also means the buses will be jam packed and crazy traffic. Maybe I’ll walk 5.5 miles home tonight.

    • Connor

      Its really sad the state in which the metro system is currently in. The fact that we even toy around with the idea of walking to get to our destination because it would mean less hassle and more than likely take almost the same amount of time if we waited around for the metro.

  • Metro Dan

    Soooo….in other words, Metro on your average Wednesday night?


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