$2,000 Reward Offered for info “On Thursday a senior female Yorkie type dog was discovered in a residential trash can in an alley”

by Prince Of Petworth October 26, 2016 at 2:15 pm 21 Comments


From the Humane Rescue Alliance’s Humane Law Enforcement Department:

“On Thursday, October 20th, 2016, a senior female Yorkie type dog was discovered in a residential trash can in an alley between the 4200 block of Meade Street NE, DC and the 4200 block of Lane Place NE, DC.

The Humane Rescue Alliance desperately needs the help of the community for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for this horrific act of animal cruelty. The Humane Rescue Alliance is offering a $2,000.00 reward that will be given to any person who provides such information.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the

Humane Rescue Alliance’s Humane Law Enforcement Department:

Officer Russell

[email protected]

202-723-5730 ext. EXT 132

Information will be kept confidential upon request.”

  • LittleBluePenguin

    Is there any chance that this dog is Lexington? Either way, I hope that poor dog makes it and finds a lovely home!

    • Anonymous

      Probably not. Lexington had a microchip.

      • untrue

        Actually, that’s not necessarily true – my friend’s dog escaped a few weeks ago and despite their chip and calls to the washington humane society, their dog was listed online later that evening- after biz hours- so the poor little guy had to spend a night in the clink before they could be reunited. SO hope it’s Lexington!

  • Welshi

    Lexington….?!? Please tell me there’s a happy ending to this year long search! We all need a happy ending.

  • CoHi

    Her markings look similar to Lexington??!!!

  • BethPopville

    Somewhat related – last night, there was a black cat in the alley near my home in Lanier Heights/Adams Morgan. I haven’t seen any outdoor cats in the neighborhood, so thought it might be a cat on the lamb, but it was very calm, friendly, and not skittish at all. It let me pet it and it had a collar with a bell, but no tags. I looked online for any information about a missing cat and didn’t find anything. I didn’t know what else to do (and couldn’t bring it into my home), and have been thinking about the little guy/gal all day hoping it’s alright. Any advice if this happens again?

    • Kevin

      Maybe post to a neighborhood listserv?

    • wdc

      A lost cat will usually be scared/ skittish. (That is, you might be able to approach it, but it will do a dance– shy away, come a step closer, shy away, come a little closer, til finally you can pet it.)
      A cat who is calm and friendly is comfortable and confident, and probably on what it considers to be home territory. I wouldn’t worry about the kitty you saw!

      • BethPopville

        That’s what I was hoping!

        • textdoc

          BethPoPville — It could also be a formerly indoor/outdoor cat that’s now indoor-only and has gotten out, or an indoor/outdoor cat that’s been abandoned by its humans and no longer has an indoors to return to.

  • Just tried contacting Officer Russell. I left a voicemail and sent an email. We think it looks like her!

    • CoHi

      OMG YAYYYYY please keep up updated :) I just sent you the link on your FB page too :)

    • Welshi

      ooh yay! fingers crossed!

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Omg Omg omg! I am soooo hoping for a happy end to all this!!! Please update us when you can!

    • AVEnue

      My very first thought was “is this Lexington?” I SO hope it is and that you can finally be reunited with her. Sending all the hopeful, positive wishes your way!

    • I just heard back. Definitely not Lex. Thanks everyone!

      • So sorry to hear that :(

      • textdoc

        Oh, so sorry to hear that — I was really hoping this would turn out to be Lexington. :(

  • mpt

    Fingers crossed!! Please keep us updated!!

  • nightborn

    Poor little one! People suck sometimes.


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