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This Just In – It’s Raining

by Prince Of Petworth September 7, 2016 at 5:16 pm 11 Comments


Hard. Updates when more info is available.


“NWS has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Washington DC. A storm with wind gusts of over 60 MPH and quarter sized hail is currently in Bethesda. It is moving south at 20 MPH (into the District). Please head indoors. Be ready to pull over if driving.

  • JoDa

    Severe thunderstorm warning. Storm moving almost due south, so whole District will likely be hit.
    I can also say with 100% certainty my dog is losing his excrement right now.

    • Annnnnnnon

      Thundering in Arlington. Luckily I took my dog out to pee first before it started. She’s still panting and shaking and pacing around now though ;(

    • textdoc

      Just don’t let him put it in the water fountain.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I was on the way to the Nats game and it rained nowhere near that hard. Guess it petered out by the time it got that far south.

      • OP Anon

        It mostly rained over the western parts of DC and MoCo county. Was coming down pretty hard at my office at 430pm on K Street/19th.
        This storm was weird – we rarely get storms moving south. They usually are coming out of the west and moving east to the ocean or coming from south of us.

  • vered

    5:53: sunshine and blue sky in Brightwood Park.

  • jcm

    Wish I could get some of that here in Pleasant Plains. I think I need to go water the garden.

  • Idontgetit

    Heard thunder but only light rain. U St.

  • Virtually nothing in Mt. Pleasant.

  • Interesting, barely got anything in Capitol Hill either.

  • tourmalet

    It came across Rock Creek Park yesterday. Quite impressive thunder for 20 minutes before it hit. I was on my bike in Rock Creek. Good times, but could have been worse, no hail!


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