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“Sign is up for Ice Cream Jubilee on 14th and T! Getting excited!”

by Prince Of Petworth September 14, 2016 at 10:20 am 22 Comments

1407 T Street, NW

Thanks to Caryn Jean for sending. We learned Ice Cream Jubilee would be taking over the BakeHouse space back in late August.

[“Bakehouse will continue to operate a wholesale bakery out of the shared space while Ice Cream Jubilee operates the front of house as a full-service ice cream shop.”]

They still have to go through the “DC Permit / Licensing process” so stay tuned for an exact opening date.


  • Ashy Oldlady

    Made by friends. So much better than other ice cream places in the area, where it’s made by mortal enemies.

    • BigD

      Frenemy sundaes, served with a heaping topping of side-eye and spite.

  • I like to hate on artisanally curated small plates of preciousness, but their gin & tonic sorbet and maple bourbon ice cream are sublime.

    • gotryit

      Agreed on the yuppy ice cream, but my weak spot is the Thai Iced Tea ice cream. Maple and Bourbon sounds like a good working lunch idea.

  • Nope

    dont get this place. their ice cream is mediocre, the serving size is tiny. There’s weak options in the area so they will probably do fine, but Menchies over this any day.

    • Anonymous

      Ew. Menchies is a gross chain. Support this local business with delicious, creative flavors!

    • I’m guessing your freezer is packed with Breyer’s from Giant BOGO sales too. This blows away every other ice cream (re: not gelato) option in the District. The only thing comparable is some of the custard places out in the burbs.

      • palisades

        Breyer’s AKA “frozen dairy dessert”

        • textdoc

          Most Breyer’s flavor options are ice cream — only a few are labeled “ice milk” or “frozen dairy dessert” or whatever.

      • Anon

        There are far better options than Breyers. Hagen Dazs, for one.

        • Thank you for both missing the point, and making it further for me.

      • Tsar of Truxton

        “This blows away every other ice cream (re: not gelato) option in the District.” That is not really saying all that much. There are hardly any non-Froyo, custard, or gelato places to begin with. I would take Larry’s, Hagen Dazs, and Ben & Jerry’s over this place any day. If I am going to get fat eating ice cream, I choose to eat ice cream that actually has flavor.

        • “actually has flavor”
          I can’t imagine what you possibly ate here that was flavorless. Aside from the honey lavender, which is designed to be a mild option, everything is quite distinct in its flavor profile.

        • arouet

          Well I guess it’s true that there’s no accounting for taste….

      • Ashy Oldlady

        I can see why Yelp parted ways with you. Either we agree with you, or else we have terrible taste and are very very wrong about everything.

    • Jane

      My only quibble with ICJ is the change they made to their chocolate chip cookie dough/cookies and cream flavor. When they first opened it was an amazing choice, full of ground cookies and giant mounds of dough. Now the cookie dough pieces are tiny! I still love their ice cream, though. It’s much better than any other I’ve found.

    • Cava Pony

      Trickling Springs Creamery (DC location is in Union Market) is the bomb! Sure, they don’t have crazy/fancy flavors but they do the classics WELL. And Java Cookie (coffee with oreo-type cookies)? That’s just perfect.

      TSC over any other ice cream, any time!

      • I love TSC. I still think it’s crazy that you can buy their milk cheaper at Whole Foods than from the actual creamery.

      • Belinskaya

        Java cookie is the best!

        Sadly, I’m usually over there on Sundays, so I’m glad they contracted with the crazy Philly people. But sometimes I just want java cookie, not birch beer with speculoos swirl (yes, I made that one up, but the crazy Philly people could make it work).

      • DF

        Yep, I wish they opened more shops in DC. The dearth of ice cream places in this town is depressing.
        Side note: We visited a Jeni’s Ice-Cream in Charleston and it was friggin delicious. They would kill in DC.

  • Allyson

    TSC is also my favorite ice cream around here. Smucker Farms and Glen’s Garden Market both sell it by the pint, and buying it from them is cheaper than buying it at the Union Market stand.

  • anon

    anyone who describes ice cream jubilee as mediocre is crazy. marionberry is the best!


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