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“Ice cream jubilee opening near U street?” Update: Confirmed!!

by Prince Of Petworth August 25, 2016 at 10:20 am 28 Comments

1407 T Street, NW

Update from Ice Cream Jubilee:

“Ice Cream Jubilee’s second location will open in September at 1407 T Street, NW.

Two years after opening its first store in Yards Park, Ice Cream Jubilee is preparing to open its second location at 1407 T Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20009. Ice Cream Jubilee will continue to feature creative flavors of premium ice cream made from local, all natural cream, such as Thai Iced Tea, Banana Bourbon Caramel, Marionberry, and Cookies & Cookie Dough. Ice Cream Jubilee will serve its freshly made waffle cones and quarter-pound cookies, and introduce new seasonal flavors, sundaes, and indulgent drinks for the winter.

“We are very excited to be opening in the bustling 14th Street neighborhood,” said Ice Cream Jubilee founder Victoria Lai. “Ice Cream Jubilee is proud to contribute to Washington, D.C.’s booming food scene with our spin on classic ice cream treats.”

Ice Cream Jubilee will share the space with Bakehouse, a bakery that won the neighborhood’s heart with its fresh pastries and sandwiches. Bakehouse will continue to operate a wholesale bakery out of the shared space while Ice Cream Jubilee operates the front of house as a full-service ice cream shop.

“We are lucky to have great friends like [Bakehouse founders] Niall and Lindsey who invited Ice Cream Jubilee to join them in their small business adventure,” said Lai. “I admire their success and commitment to a collaborative, successful food entrepreneurship environment.”

A reader reports:

“Victoria Lai, the owner of Ice Cream Jubilee, is listed on the building permit posted on the window of the former Bakeshop space. Hopefully this means she’s opening another shop here on T street next to Taqueria Nacional and Lupo Verde. Exciting news for the block!”

BakeHouse closed their brick and mortar back in May and announced at that time “we have arranged for another local business to take over the storefront”. Ice Cream Jubilee opened up in Navy Yard back in 2014:

“Ice Cream Jubilee was founded by Victoria Lai, an attorney-turned-icecreampreneur…Ice Cream Jubilee reimagines the childhood joy of ice cream by combining sophisticated, international flavors with childhood-favorites like Banana Bourbon Caramel, Dark & Stormy, Mango Habanero, Thai Iced Tea, and Blueberry Pie. Using an all-natural super-premium local cream from Maryland, Ice Cream Jubilee’s product has a higher cream content and is scooped at a colder temperature than gelato, which makes it ideal for ice cream cones and sundaes.”

Stay tuned for updates:


  • anon

    I find it really odd to refer to that location as U Street. Sure, T is close to U, but this is way more of the 14th Street corridor than U.

    • AJSE


    • anon

      More anachronistic than odd. It would’ve been U St. before 14th St. was a thing.

    • JohnH

      Neighborhoods in DC are rather small. You’re arguing semantics,…many places in this area overlap neighborhoods – from U street to Logan Circle to Shaw, etc.

  • Sean

    I think its because the area was U Street for a decade before people started calling it Logan or 14th Street Corridor.

    • eva

      Yup, I still think of this area as U Street.

    • textdoc

      Exactly. There was a lot of stuff active on U Street at a time when that stretch of 14th Street was the Black Cat, the Metro Cafe, HR-57, and a bunch of used-car lots and vacant storefronts. Saint-Ex was a something of a game-changer when it arrived in 2003.

  • Love their stuff, they did ice cream cookie sandwiches for our wedding reception!

  • ustreeter

    That would be so awesome.
    I refuse to pay for the thimble full of gelato at 14th and P.

    • anon

      You may not like the prices, but I actually think the small dolcezza gelato is huge! Can you really eat more than that on a regular basis?

      • INWDC

        Their dark chocolate gelato is like eating cold creamy chocolaty fudge

      • Arouet


      • Pleasanter

        Yes. I’ve downed a whole pint of store-bought Dolcezza gelato in one sitting.

      • Belinskaya

        Huge like Donald Trump’s hands, right?

        Some of us save room for ice cream because we like ice cream. Having made a choice for ICE CREAM!!!, Dolcezza’s small is comparatively a thimble. It might be fine for dessert after a real dinner elsewhere, but it certainly doesn’t satisfy the need for ICE CREAM!!! And for the price, I feel like I should be getting it at the place I had dinner, in a real cup with a real spoon, brought to me at a real table.

        I’m usually in the area in the winter, so sorry, Pitango, that i haven’t been keeping you in business there, but I do look forward to having a chance to try some of Victoria’s flavours (I’m never in Navy Yard, so her first location does nothing for me, and the boozy stuff isn’t in the store pints).

  • BN


  • tstreetlady


  • Tsar of Truxton

    I really don’t get the love for this place. I think its ice cream is some of the least flavorful I have ever had.

    • JB20

      Yeah, it’s really not that great, I just think people like the idea of what they could be.

  • This is going to be very deadly for me, but so happy to have them in a location a little closer!

  • dcd

    She lost me at “icecreampreneur.” Sorry, I can’t support gibberish like that.

    • skj84

      awww. I would give her another chance. I know the term is silly, but Victoria is one of my favorite local entrepreneur stories. She left a law job to start her own ice cream business. She started out just peddling to local small groceries, and grew enough to open the Navy Yard storefront. She is also super sweet, as is her ice cream. I love the banana bourbon and cookies and cream. I really wish her the best with her business.

      • AJSE

        Yes! Victoria is awesome and her enthusiasm is contagious.

      • dcd

        A later-day CakeLove, potentially opening around the corner from the defunct CakeLove – if she’s named on of the most eligible bachelors in the US by People Magazine, the circle will be complete. OK, I’ll give it a try, but only because I love a good story, not because I’m in favor of further atrocities on the English language. (I’m still a little shell-shocked by the recent discovery that “literally” now also means “figuratively,” its exact opposite. Didn’t the world have enough of that with aloha?) And, if I’m being honest, I’m intrigued by banana bourbon ice cream, three of my favorite things in the world squished into one.

        • anon

          You sound like you could use some ice cream.

    • gotryit

      I’ve made fun of yuppy ice cream before too, but that Thai Iced Tea ice cream is worth it.

  • Anon

    But will they have coffee ice in their iced coffees? That’s the thing that kept me loyal to Bakehouse!

  • siz

    real talk: this place sucks. and i’m an ice cream maniac. but it’s just not good.

    • DC_NW

      Disagree. That ice cream is awesome. And I’m very particular of my ice cream. Really looking forward to it arriving in the neighborhood!


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