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Massive Woodley Park Development Update: “We’ve Amended Our Plans for Wardman Park”

by Prince Of Petworth September 30, 2016 at 2:45 pm 8 Comments

2660 Woodley Rd, NW

Thanks to a reader passing on an update from JBG:

“Over the past several months, we’ve been meeting with local residents, businesses, and district planners to discuss and refine our plans for the Wardman Park site.

Thanks to valuable feedback from the community, we’ve made some meaningful changes to our applications. First, we have decided to withdraw our Stage 1 PUD application. Based on our conversations with District agencies and your feedback, we’ve determined that there is more work to do to develop a long-term plan for the site.

Secondly, we plan to submit an amendment to our Consolidated PUD application for the North Lawn Building that will revise the height and overall mass of the project to be more consistent with the surrounding architectural context and the Future Land Use map designation.

Finally, to better understand and weigh all available options for Wardman Park, we are going to be engaging in an active marketing process to sell the property, including the Marriott hotel. While the Marriott hotel has a long-term operating agreement with JBG, putting the property on the market will provide JBG and the community with a better understanding of all potential options for the future of Wardman Park.

With our single market focus in the Washington, DC metropolitan area for over 50 years, we are committed to furthering a plan for Woodley Park that will adhere to zoning regulations, uphold the character of the neighborhood and incorporate the input of our neighbors. We will continue to work diligently with the community and government agencies to ensure that our plans for Wardman Park establish an inclusive and aesthetically pleasing space for everyone.”

  • Anonymous

    So what this is saying is they’re still moving forward with the first residential building on the north lawn and then basically letting someone else deal with the hotel. Since Marriott has a lease on the hotel property until 2059, it’s not like that part of the project was going to move quickly.

    I was all prepared to freak out and rant about NIMBYism but this seems like the normal process. The first design for a large building in Woodley Park is always going to be the opening of a negotiation. Any change to the north building is really just a continuation of the expected process.

  • Ashy Oldlady

    I think there’s room for a significant increase in density there—the wealthy NIMBYs in their multimillion-dollar homes seem to forget the thousands who live in all the big apartment buildings in the neighborhood—but the ultimate proposal there seemed a bit outlandish. That Metro station has a finite capacity and the surrounding streets are already at gridlock during rush hour these days. I would welcome further study of these concerns.

  • MK

    This is also probably a part of JBG’s revised strategy after their merger with NY REIT fell through. They’ve had to pivot to more of a fundraising focus…

  • So, Just Sayin’

    Sounds to me like the NIMBYs are losing. When it was JBG with a single, coherent development plan, the NIMBYs had a single target for their opposition. Now JBG I’m assuming is splitting up the parcel and selling pieces to other developers, who will be able to develop the hell out of their individual sub-parcels. The NIMBYs won the battle but lost the war.

    • Kevin

      I think you underestimate the copious amounts of free time and disposable incomes of the under employed white hairs of Woodley Park have on their hands. If a local company like JBG with a billion in private equity and a long standing reputation for building quality and impressive developments in DC can’t do this, then I would be hard pressed thinking anyone could.

  • Reality

    This land is so setback and secluded I don’t understand any opposition to it. You don’t even see it unless you make a point to venture through all of it. It’s way overdue for a facelift.

    • llucas

      It’s because of the density of the proposed project. I lived in Woodley Park in an apartment next to the Marriott for 20 years. The wait to be able to get on the red line during rush hour was frustrating on a good day – not to mention having to put up with all of the people trying to find street parking so they could get to the metro. Converting the hotel to condos is one thing. Adding more apartment-condo buildings in addition is overkill.

  • MichaelD

    A few days late to this post, but here’s some perspective from my father, who follows these things:

    Interesting info. Two things:

    1) a glut of new, high end apartments in DC is developing. Banks have withdrawn future loans in this category, therefore flowing things down.

    2) jbg is aggressive and has too much debt and big projects. With a potential slowdown in the economy , they could blow up. They are doing the right thing now to unload expensive debt, such as the wardman Marriott while their is a market. The chinese have shown a good appetite for hotels and I would not be surprised if it was sold to chinese investors


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