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  • t-digs

    H st

  • Trinidaddy

    My neighbors are doing both. They’re recent DC transplants. They don’t know any better. It will be funny to watch them disintegrate. For me, H St Festival all the way.

  • navy yard anon

    Snallygaster! I live a few blocks away from which is so nice when it’s time to stumble home. Fingers crossed it won’t rain this year!!

  • jenster8dc

    I love both, but Snallygaster hit the radar first this year. Plus, they’ll have beers that we won’t find at H St., and then some!

  • anon50

    The line for Founder’s CBS may snake all the way to H Street.

    • navyard

      H St. Snallygaster is overpriced and under-toileted.

      Too many lines. Line to get in. Line to buy ticket to buy beer. Another line to actually buy beer. Line to release beer from bladder.

      • FridayGirl

        Actually I had quite a pleasant experience with the lines this year. I waited maybe 3 minutes to get in around 1pm (they moved FAST), didn’t wait longer than 5 minutes for any particular beer I wanted, and the portapotty lines were only about 2-3 deep when I went to use it, which was reasonable. I thought it would be much worse.

        • ***

          Agreed. Got there just before 1pm and was initially dismayed at the line to get in… As soon as 1pm hit, they hustled people in as quickly as possible! I think the longest lines were to get food. Overall great experience. Left much drunker than expected – perhaps 1 to many 12% bourbon porters.

  • ***

    Snallygaster! H street is too far away. I’d need to book a hotel or something.

  • AsAMother

    Both are over priced and over crowded. I think I’ll just drink of my rooftop.

    • JoDa

      No one goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.
      But, honestly and unfortunately, I’m all booked up with stuff to do at home, so that’s where I’ll be. I’ll feel better (both because I will lack a hangover and because a ton of stuff is done in my house) on Monday. I chose poorly when it came to scheduling work at home, etc.

    • Anonymous

      H Street is…free…

  • divebar311

    H Street all day long. My favorite part is getting drinks at Po Boy Jims and taking said drinks outside onto H Street. Every year people ask me where I get my drinks from.

    The key to H is go early leave early.

    I’m not hip enough to know what a Snallygaster is.

  • HC

    Get to Bluejacket around noon. Drink in peace while everyone is down the street standing in long line for everything and tweeting about how great it is. Pee in actual plumbing. Leave Bluejacket when the sunburnt masses arrive around 4.

    • OP Anon

      I like the cut of your jib.

  • Scott Goldstein

    Why was there no coverage of Fiesta DC with the parade yesterday and festival today either before or even in this post? One of DCs biggest festivals, right downtown, and no press. They didn’t do a good promotional job themselves but I almost missed it because PoP didn’t cover it!

    • FridayGirl

      It’s probably because they didn’t do a good promotional job! I’d like to think I’m pretty on top of events happening in DC (much moreso than almost all of my friends), and I didn’t know this was a thing, nor do I know what it is. I guess I should google it….. :/

      • +1, I only heard about it when I got a DC Alerts email notification that nearby roads were closed.

    • MtP

      I wish they would move this back to Mt. P street. I love neighborhood festivals and DC doesn’t have enough true ones. Maybe putting it on the same weekend as H Street could limit the crowds enough so that Mt. P could handle it. Its the perfect street for a festival!

  • Best year of Snallygaster since its inception. Between our group I think I tried roughly 70 beers on Saturday, and I didn’t wait in line for a single one. The fact that there are now 350 available means if you’re waiting for something you’re choosing poorly. Sure, there were a handful of people sprinting to their desired tent at 11:30 when the VIP gates opened, but they were by far the minority. The only line I waited in all day was for a food truck, none of which seemed to be able to manage the demand of customers. But they’re also operating out of a truck, so some leeway is given. Hopefully I’ll get some photos up tonight.

    • ***

      Was my first year – had been on my radar but the timing years past didn’t work out – and I had an awesome time. Agree the food trucks had a hard time keeping up with demand – maybe a few more trucks would have helped to disperse the crowd some – but even then, it really wasn’t so bad. Our group would just send someone out to get some tasters while we were in line for food. Really the only thing that was lacking was the water tank ran out of water pretty early into the day. I could have used drinking more water ;)

      • Yeah I was pretty dehydrated all the way through Sunday. I always plan poorly in that regard.


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