• nctowashington

    Honest question – why don’t they leave the pools open for people to swim in one last day on Saturday and make doggie swim day on Sunday to end the season? It’s a shame all of the DC pools close so early when it stays so hot the next few weekends after Labor Day. I always think the public pools are something DC does right (always seem fairly clean, have never had trouble getting in, etc), but the fact that they start closing some mid-way through August is a really bummer for that neighborhood. I understand it has to do with school schedules, but they wouldn’t have that hard of a time finding temp lifeguards for 4 weeks after schools start.

    Anyways, I wish Saturday was one more day of “human” swim day.

    • Josh

      Well, it’s only three pools instead of all of them. And there are a decent number of pet owners in the city who take advantage of Doggie Swim Day. Seems like a good compromise to me.

      • nctowashington

        What three pools are still open? I believe it’s only East Potomac – which is not easy to get to for people who live in neighborhoods far away or who don’t have a car.

        Yeah – this has nothing to do with disagreeing this is a fun activity for dogs. If I had a dog, I would take him/her too! But my question is more towards the DC pool system shutting down its pools so early, but they clearly aren’t drained and cleaned out. So why couldn’t they stay open this week and through the weekend until Sunday?

    • shmoo

      I think they generally have to close before school starts cus a huge portion of their staff are high schoolers.

      could be wrong about that.

    • Just guessing

      Since humans aren’t allowed in the pool on doggie swim day I imagine they have a lighter staffing plan in terms of maintenance and lifeguards. The issue with early closing is that their staff supply dwindles when school begins again.

  • Anon

    Do they actually check “doggie title/registration”? Or can anybody with a pup get in?

    • Here are rules from previous years:

      “Admission is free, however all dogs must have a valid, DOH-issued DC dog license, to enter the pool. DPR and DOH encourage dog owners to obtain dog licenses prior to Doggie Day Swim. For more information on how to obtain a dog license, call DOH at (202) 535-2323 or visit the DOH Dog License website. Licenses will be issued on site, however dog owners must have all the required documentation (proof of rabies and distemper vaccinations; and proof of spaying/neutering) and fee payment. Only money orders or personal checks are accepted (no credit cards nor cash), made payable to “DC Treasurer.” The cost of the license is $15 for dogs that are spayed/neutered and $50 for non-spayed/neutered dogs.

      Attendance the day of the event will be based on capacity at the time of arrival. During Doggie Day Swim, there will be a capacity limit on the numbers of dogs allowed in the pool at one time: 75 dogs at Upshur Pool, 75 dogs at Randall Pool and 150 dogs at Francis Pool.

      To maintain order and to ensure a safe and fun event, dog owners are asked to follow these rules:

      All dogs MUST have and wear a valid DC dog license.
      Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older.
      Dog handlers cannot swim or enter the pool with their dogs.
      Dogs must be sociable and remain leashed while on the pool deck.
      All dogs must be current on vaccinations including rabies and distemper.
      All dogs must be spayed/neutered.”

      • Planner

        Nothing about dogs in the drinking fountains, I see.

    • flieswithhoney

      Yup, they will check and your dog’s vaccination tags will be insufficient to prove he/she is vaccinated. And if you don’t renew the registration, Animal Control will hand deliver a violation to your condo and your concierge will ask you in front of your neighbors if your dog has rabies leading to all sorts of rumors.

      • Anon

        Heh, guess I’ll continue to avoid this hassle by not registering my dogs with the city. Thanks for the replies!
        For those worried: don’t be. I assure you that you that my championship-winning, agility-trained show dogs pose absolutely zero threat to the greater public. Well, aside from maybe sometimes eating a little petrified poo that some worthless dog owner decided to leave on the sidewalk. If you’re upset that your prized sidewalk poo is gone, I guess I’m sorry for that.

        • NH Ave Hiker

          Well it’s still irresponsible not to register your dogs wherever you live. How hard is it to pay $15 once a year?

          • I already messed this up! Here I was thinking I renewed it a year after I got it, but no, I was supposed to renew it July 1, regardless of when I originally got it.
            Ugh, I might go just to renew in person, in my neighborhood.

          • NotAsEasyAsYou’dThink

            I’ve tried to renew, sent them all of the information and the check, and never heard back. No cashed check, no dog license. I finally canceled the check 6 months later.

            The hours to go in-person are insane, I think just 8am-4pm on weekdays, which is not easy for people who work across town.

            I generally only renew when I take my dog to the swim day. I have no problem having him registered, I just have a problem with it being made nearly impossible to do it. Though it does seem like they may have finally updated their site so that it can be done online.

          • NH Ave Hiker

            it’s really easy to do online; however one time I had to renew I also didn’t get any license for awhile so I had to check back in. So I can relate to that.

    • CatieCat

      The one time I went 4 years ago to Francis pool they were in fact checking DC dog tags. My friend’s dog who I was with didn’t have one (they lived in Maryland at the time), but we ran into a friend outside with her dog and she lent hers to us (don’t tell lol)

  • Emmaleigh504

    omg this picture! so cute!

  • saf

    Oh, how I love that picture.


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