Colada Shop, “Cuban-Style Café and Eatery”, Coming Soon Posted at 14th and T St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth September 21, 2016 at 10:22 pm 6 Comments

1405 T Street, NW

Thanks to Courtney for sending:

“signage up for Colada next to Lupo Verde and Ice Cream Jubilee

Back in April we learned that Colada Shop was:

“Named after the iconic Cuban-style coffee, Colada Shop is a concept that blends together the contemporary lifestyle of Washingtonians with the Cuban tradition of starting and ending the day. Paying homage to the Caribbean way of coffee, food, cocktails and social lifestyle, Colada Shop will be a casual café and eatery where guests come for the quality and stay for the company.

Colada Shop takes its name from one of Cuba’s quintessential coffees, the Colada, which is 4oz of Cuban- style espresso traditionally served in a Styrofoam cup along with small, plastic demitasses. Its takeaway form is meant to be shared. Sharing a colada remains a prominent social and cultural activity and is customary of workplace breaks in Cuban communities.”

Emphasizing the unique aromas, rich flavors and audacious colors, the menu will feature strong coffee, traditional savory snacks, and distinctive cocktails, all prepared with precision. From the classic Cuban sandwich that has captured America’s heart, to reinterpreted comfort bites like the guava pastelito and croqueta. Dishes will highlight Cuba’s heritage, colorful ambiance and lively culture.”

  • Gen Y not Millennial

    All I want is the coffee! Forget everything else.

  • Hill Denizen

    Don’t “reinterpret” pastelitos or croquetas. They’re delicious just as they are.


    I’m all for adding new coffee rituals to the neighborhood…looking forward to trying this!

    • Yay. Coffee.


  • dupontsafetyliaison
    • Hill Denizen

      Yeah, I’d like to see that guy drink an entire colada on his own. I basically survived on media-coladas (half of a colada) in high school when some nights I’d get about an hour of sleep + sleep on the bus/metro. Insulated mug of American coffee + a media-colada at the cafeteria down the block from my school either before class started or at lunch would keep me going most of the day. That stuff is like rocket fuel. There’s a reason the cups are tiny.


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