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  • The Dude

    There’s no way water is going to go around those sandbags… ain’t happening.

    • Cleveland Park runner

      The water will definitely see the cones and decide to change its course.

      • textdoc


    • JPinDC

      Seems to me like those sandbags are designed to funnel the water directly into the metro.

  • Sandbagger

    These sandbags have been strewn around CP since at least 2006. I wish we could do better.

    • JPinDC

      Good(ish) news, there’s at least a plan being discussed: https://wardanc3c09.com/2016/09/21/connecticut-ave-drainage-streetscape/

      • ***

        Better yet – eliminate the service lane! At the very least, it’s ridiculous to have parking on both sides of the service lane median. That area becomes a massive traffic jam during rush hour when it pinches down to 2 lanes.

        • L

          There is no parking on Connecticut during rush hour (it is 6 lanes) except in the service lane.

          • ***

            Yes. That ends at 6:30, which is way too early. I drove that way last night at 7:30 – still a bottleneck. There is already parking in the service lane in addition to the parking lot at Sam’s that is almost always empty. The parking on Connecticut should be eliminated, plain and simple.

  • DC

    That’s not the same entrance, right?

  • Lynn

    You do realize that the sand bags shown are NOT at the same entrance as the flood?

    • chris

      it is the same entrance just a different angle

      • Cleveland Parker

        I believe Lynn is correct, but in any case, they did have sand bags lined up on the West exit (where the flooding video takes place, the side of Connecticut where there is the Subway and the Thai restaurant), too. Bags are still there as of this morning.

  • SomethingaboutDC

    In that video of last just, that girl is just STANDING there while that filthy street water flows over her shoes! It just makes me want to yell, “Move, you foolish, idiot girl!

    • SomethingaboutDC

      *In that video of last flood

  • timmyp

    Does anyone know where you can get sandbags for your house? I ordered some on Amazon and just assumed I’d be able to find a place to fill them but haven’t yet. Anyone know where to get either prefilled sandbags or sand to fill them?

    • anon

      Hardware store?

    • Joysbrother

      Yeah, Loews or some such.


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