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by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2016 at 9:16 am 30 Comments

Dr. Darryl W Roberts with the incredible video from last night’s deluge: “Waterfall on the escalator at Cleveland Park Metro west side”

Update: Metro has a released a “time-lapse video showing last night’s flash flood Cleveland Park from street level”:

And another!

  • *

    i can’t believe people are still walking DOWN into that!

    • LittleBluePenguin


    • stacksp


    • If you got places to be…

  • michelle roberts


  • anonymous

    Why would someone walk into a tunnel where water is rushing into? smh

    • Because they need to get home?

      • CHGal

        You’d assume that Metro wouldn’t let you die by letting you into a tunnel filling with water, but you’d also assume they wouldn’t let a train sit in a tunnel filling with smoke for 45 minutes. So In my “need to get home” vs. “not wanting to die” decision, I’d look for a bus.

        • stacksp

          Or perhaps check the other entrance

  • So where was the water coming from???

    • The sky

      • Clueless


    • OP Anon

      The curbs at the Cleveland Park station are very low and I believe there’s no drain right next to the station entrance. The station entrance has had sandbags around the ventilation grates for years. This actually isn’t WMATA’s fault; DDOT and DCWater are to blame.

      • Anony

        Sandbags were put their years ago, good for temporary stoppage…quite a bush league move DDOT!

        • Anon

          I think I remember them being placed there for either Irene or Sandy? I always wondered why they just sat there for years. Now I know. The whole city was a river at about 6:00 pm last night.

      • stacksp

        On Fox 5 this morning. they showed several drains next to the entrance that were apparently clogged with debris and could not handle the volume of water

  • jch

    Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

  • escalators

    well i guess this explains why the escalators have so many problems.

  • cwjCP

    Did any go down the longer escalators inside the station?

    • My shoes are still wet

      Yep. It was terrifying.

  • PJ

    Is no one concerned that the pool of water at the bottom could be electrified!? Good way to ruin your day even more.

    • Anonymous

      If there was a pool of water at the bottom of the stairs, I doubt there would be anything there to electrify it.

      • facts

        um, the escalator is electric. agree that it’s nuts to step into a pool of water in contact with the base of an escalator. metro’s track record with insulating their electrical connections isn’t great.

        • Q

          Yes, this. I’m amazed that people were actually walking up and down the escalators in this.

    • My shoes are still soaked

      This was my exact concern.

  • accendo

    Stand to the right, kayak to the left, please!

  • saf

    All I can think of once I read the post title. Earworm!


  • My shoes are still soaked

    I was coming up the escalator when this began, and it was really scary. I got the hell out of the station, but there were multiple people standing in ankle deep water taking photos and video. Given that electricity was still running through those escalators I don’t know why anyone would want to be in that.

  • dcred

    Were both entrances like this?


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