• shmoo

    this place is really really good. Well worth the lines and the table waits.

  • PetworthGuy

    Coincidentally, I was there just last night. I ordered the Shirley and it was fantastic. Got there at about 6:30 and immediately got two seats at their small bar.

  • also anon

    We were there pretty early (630pm?) on a Saturday and there were no lines. The tables were crowded but the food and cocktails were delicious.

  • banananonymous

    Awesome spot, drinks are good, food is better. Most importantly the people there are amazing. Great addition to an otherwise surly Upshur.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      hahaha! “Surly” seems like the perfect word to apply to most places on Upshur I’ve been!

      • textdoc

        Really? The now-defunct Domku was surly as all get out, but I haven’t found (say) Petworth Citizen to be surly.

        • LittleBluePenguin

          I guess I’m mostly thinking of the surly hostess at Slim’s, and the surly characters I run into on that street!

          • ke

            OMG, Slim’s. We’ve tried to go there twice. The first time, after waiting a good long while for a hostess to appear, we left. Second time, after waiting again, I actually flagged down a guy to put our name on the list. He acted like he was doing me a favor. And I then looked around, and saw the un-bussed tables and the prospect of a quick lunch turning into a lengthy ordeal, and we left. We actually drove to the Coupe, parked, were seated, had lunch, got coffee, walked back to the car, and on the way home could see through the window that a man who came into Slim’s just as we left was still having his meal. That is sloooow.

            Seriously, I’ve been a hostess and a server. The job has its stressful moments, but if you -try- and are nice to people, that goes a long way. I don’t get why Slim’s is so bad.

        • saf

          Hm. We always found Domku pleasant, but Citizen beyond surly. (I won’t go there any more.)

      • eva

        Really? The people at Kilroy’s treat me like I’m some long lost daughter. Everyone at the bookstore is nice. The people at Willow are nice to the point of almost being overly solicitous. The Cuzzin’s folks are super friendly. I’ve never been in the barber shop, but the guys who are outside of it are always super nice to me as well. The market owner (can’t remember the name now) is a very sweet and patient man who is really trying to give the neighborhood what it wants. Twisted Horn has always seemed friendly too. I don’t know that I’ve ever encountered a surly person on Upshur street other than when trying to deal with parking at Annie’s. But I’ve never tried to go to Slim’s so maybe that’s the bad apple that spoils the bunch?

        • NH Ave Hiker

          +1 for Kilroy’s they’re so nice…they even let me bring my dog in when I was picking up my dry cleaning once!

          • Anonymous

            The difference between Timber Pizza and Slim’s is that both the owners of Timber have been there day in and day out ensuring that things are running smoothly. Paul Ruppert has been too hands off with Slims. The people he put in charge and hired to work there are definitely not up to the job. I wonder how clueless he can be? Has he not read the almost universal negative reviews? I want it to succeed, but have not been back since my first visit which was awful.

          • The main woman that works at Kilroy’s is so so nice, but there’s another worker or two that definitely fit the bill of surly.

        • shmoo

          nah, you just have to talk to them. The guy who wears the hat and sits at the little desk is a great dude and has been around and seen things. you just gotta chat him up a bit.

        • Tacopuss

          +1000 for Cuzzins. Super nice people and great, unpretentious comfort food.

      • Pru

        How’s attitude at the Twisted Horn? I’ve never been because I never go anywhere sans kids these days. Petworth Citizen got slowly surly a year in, per my experience. Slash Run and Timber Pizza are the only places I’ll patronize on Upshur. I wish Timber delivered!

    • NH Ave Hiker

      How is Upshur surly? it’s mostly relatively upscale places of business now.

      • textdoc

        I haven’t found Upshur Street businesses to be surly, but come on — “relatively upscale” and “surly” aren’t mutually exclusive.
        Indeed, Domku — the “pioneer” of upscale joints along Upshur — was notoriously surly.

        • textdoc

          (Though maybe you were thinking about passersby rather than businesses per se.)

          • LittleBluePenguin

            yes. Sorry, I didn’t mean to bash all establishments on Upshur! I’ve heard wonderful things about a lot of places, and had positive experiences at most of those I’ve been to – including Timber Pizza, yum! – but I have run in to what seems like an inordinate number of “surly” passersby and some hostesses/servers who are crabbier than I would expect! But yes, there are wonderful folks there as well, mea culpa!

  • TryTheSalad

    The pizza is DELICIOUS but (perhaps more surprisingly) the salad I had was incredible….and I’m not that into salads. Plus the people that work there are pleasant and the clientele is a nice representation of the neighborhood. Really happy to have this place nearby.

  • textdoc

    The pizza is excellent and I’ve found the service to be friendly.
    I’m not a big fan of the seating options, though (large communal picnic-type tables, barstools at the bar, or barstools/seats at ledges) — I think a bunch of easily movable/combinable 2-person tables and chairs would probably accommodate more people. Also not a fan of the “seat yourself” policy at a place that’s always packed, especially given these seating options.

    • TX2DC

      +1. I’ve attempted to go twice and ended up walking out both times. It’s just too much of a zoo. They should at least have a host or manager present to welcome guests and explain the ordering/cocktail refill/seating process.

      • petworther

        The do. The owner is often at the register. Chill out a little.

      • textdoc

        Give it another try (and/or consider getting takeout). For me, I wouldn’t put up with the ordering/seating confusion if the pizza were less than stellar, but it is REALLY good.

    • petworther

      I disagree. I actually came to say I think they do a spectacular job managing the crowds. Other new restaurants should take a lesson.
      They could fit a max of 8 or so two-tops in here. As is they can seat close to 30 comfortably. And having a list/taking names would require more staff and result in slower service.
      They do a great job managing orders. If there’s a crowd they typically take your order and wait to fire it until you actually sit down. Since it’s short-order style, people move in and out very quickly.
      I’ve come in at least 4 times when there was a substantial line and always managed to get seated within 6-8 minutes.

  • anon7

    This place is fantastic. Great pies and friendly people. The bartender is also very on top of his craft cocktail game. I brought my parents and they loved chatting with him. But I feel like they had a dope meat-lover option on their previous menu? Was it called the Maverick? Anyway, I definitely will be checking out these new pies.

    • Ashy Oldlady

      I also love dope meat, so I hope they bring it back! Can’t wait to try this place.

  • Pi man

    Good food, friendly service. Confusing order process, you order at the door seat yourself, beer is brought by bartender I think, don’t know if you can order a 2nd from counter or bar. Don’t know if you sit at the bar if you can order pie there or at the door. But not a deal breaker, good place glad to have it.

  • Anonymous

    I’d give this place a 10 out of 10. Yah, the seating and ordering process is a bit stressful, but the food and friendliness of the staff make up for it. I would like to see them offer more appetizer-size entrees. I’d never eat empanadas and a pizza, ya know? Something lighter. I’d also go there for lunch if they had a lunch menu that wasn’t just pizza.

  • Mike

    Fantastic food and friendly service. Went in on a Saturday afternoon with my wife and toddler and had a fantastic experience. Will be going back, often.

  • MtPForMe

    Pizza was amazing. I’ve been twice now. First time there was a long line, but by the time we had ordered people had left and seating cleared up. It’s not well set up to accommodate a line like that, but the timing works out so you can get a seat.

    They’ve got vegan cheese, BTW.

  • Eric

    Pizza is really good. Every time I’ve been there, it’s been packed, but I always found a place for 2 to sit right away. Things open up pretty quickly with a lot of turn-over at the tables.

  • Stavros

    I’ve been once, thought it was very good. My one complaint, and one not addressed by the new fall menu: let’s get some anchovies in there!

  • ke

    Love Timber. The food is excellent and the people are friendly. I was put off by the ordering at a counter and communal tables set up at first. But, having been there a bunch of times, I think it works. And it seems to be good for the young family clientele. You can sit also sit at the bar and order the full menu, which is what we typically do. I think that you can also walk up to the bar and order food and drinks for delivery to your table. Great addition to the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    I was skeptical about the concept and definitely about the seating/ordering arrangement, but I have been totally impressed. The pizza can hang with etto/2 amys, and there’s enough variety that I want to keep coming back and trying different things (the empanadas are meal worthy). The seating/ordering thing works, they’ve got it down so everyone feels welcomed and taken care of immediately, and the food comes out really quick. There are a lot of people cycling through quickly, so it’s not hard to get seats. We go there about once a week, takeout, bring the kids, and date night, great for all of the above. Awesome to have them in the neighborhood.

  • Kids Menu

    Timber is excellent! The only thing I wish they had is a kids menu. It gets a little expensive when you have to order a $12 cheese pizza for a kid.

  • errr

    that place is a zoo. they should consider moving into a larger space. maybe into domku’s old place?

    • tke98

      Not a good idea to move after they spent the past year or so renovating the space that they just moved into a few months ago. Plus they specialize in pizza and therefore built accordingly — domku’s old space would not have the brick oven for their pizza. . .


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