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  • samanda_bynes

    “heartburn coming to 6th and K NE!”

    • FridayGirl


  • The paint job and wood detail is already an improvement. Any word on who the owners (or group) is? There are plenty of decent coffee options, but pretty much all of the pizza in the area is terrible. I honestly can’t think of a a single place other than Menomale on the eastern half of the city that’s really good (Seventh Hill and Matchbox are “OK”). I would definitely bike up here regularly if it’s good.

    • Madeleine

      Liberty Tree on H and 10th has awesome pizza!

      • We’ll just have to disagree about that, to each their own.

      • divebar311


        Liberty Tree used to have pizza deals on Tuesdays. Have not been in a while but worth checking out!

    • Anon H St

      I think red rocks is solidly ok too, in the same category as matchbox

      But no argument from me on the need for better east city pizza options

      When is two boots opening? Maybe that place will be good

      • I’ve had nothing but awful pizza from Red Rocks, which is why I didn’t even mention them. As with most places YMMV. I don’t know anything about Two Boots, is that a pizza place?

        • MtP

          I agree that the Red Rocks on H is terrible. Strangely, I have had very solid pizza at the one in Columbia Heights, but never on H.

          • I’ve never been to the original CH one, just the Old Town and H Street locations. Maybe (hopefully) that one is better?

  • anonymous

    Wasn’t this supposed to be something else? Like an organic type market/small neighborhood grocery?

  • Anon

    If that’s the case, it seems like the owners decided against opening a money-losing venture.

  • jaybird

    I prefer beer & pizza but whatever. Gourmet has no real meaning and the use of it in the signage is worrisome.

  • denizen

    Found their website: http://www.oldcitymarketandoven.com/

    I’m moving right around the corner and am cautiously optimistic.

    • Nice!

    • Holy crap I hope they pull that off, that could be fantastic.

    • 6th and I

      Welcome to the neighborhood! I’m pretty excited about this place. It looks very promising, and I’ll be happy to have an option on the block other than braving Whole Foods for purchasing a bottle of wine or quick coffee.

      • 7th and i

        Sup Neighbs!

  • 6KNE

    I live on the block. They’ve been working on this place for about a year. I was speaking with the owner over the weekend and he estimates opening in 45 days. It’s coming together very well inside. Lots of seating in the basement and maybe even some tables outside. Huge improvement over the old corner bodega it used to be. Looking forward to it’s opening this fall.

    • So is it 2 levels, plus basement, or is that heightened open air space above the main floor?

      • 6KNE

        One level and a basement. They’re doing a full renovation on the shop and basement. There are apartments above the storefront.

  • Stratford Upon Anon

    Obviously the progress is promising, but isn’t most of this old news?

    • I thought that website looked familiar!! hahaha – thank you for finding this :)

      • Stratford Upon Anon

        Haha, I thought maybe I was missing something. Still, I’m looking forward to this place.

  • above7-11

    So is the Coffee not gourmet? Will they be charging not-gourmet coffee prices as well?

  • Jill

    I don’t think it’s an odd combo– they’re both things the Italians do extremely well!


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