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  • It’s outstanding, both food and drink (cocktails and beer list are solid). And at a great (low-medium) price point that few new DC restaurants are in.

  • bll

    Agreed with Justin. Food was great, loved the fact that they had a jukebox, AND the service was amazing. As in they texted us too early for our reservation, apologized once we arrived and offered us one drink each on the house–major points for them. My only complaint is that it’s a little dark, but I’m getting old.

    • Jill

      Ha, the dark interior (and possible lack of vegetarian options) is why I haven’t gone yet. I’m thinking it will be more inviting in the dead of winter.

  • Thought it was EATBEAARR for a moment.

  • Ben

    Is this space related to the former Eat Bar in Arlington?

    • JT

      Yes, they closed that one and opened this.

      I love the food, staff, and atmosphere of the place, and making a decision on their amazing selection of drafts can be very difficult but fun. I just hope they can survive on the worst block in Cap Hill. Maybe they are the harbinger of better times for that block, but the rest of the storefronts: 7-11, Boli’s, empty space, empty space, perennial space for &Pizza that never comes, etc. seem to attract a huge population of homeless, druggies, beggars, and such, but only on that block. Weird.

      • JT,

        It’s because there is a place nearby where they pick up their meds.

        Soup kitchens, and medical care places that serve the homeless always attract this type of population on the streets nearby.

      • Jill

        Is &pizza still coming? I’ve noticed their window signage is gone.

    • Yep, same group.

    • E.

      And the same jukebox.

  • It’s a great place! Went there for my birthday back in July and the selection of beers was great. Food is super delicious and definitely check out the specials. The beer is curated by Greg Engert, who you may know form ChurchKey, Birch & Barley, and Blue Jacket. There’s also a free Jukebox, which you don’t see too often, to help set the music of the place.

    Definitely a spot to check out and hang out with some friends.

  • HillEast

    love EatBar. cozy, inviting space with fantastic food, great drinks, and impeccable service. just what you want in a neighborhood space.

  • Eric

    *WHICH opened up… Eatbar is not a person.

  • Commentator

    Love the place, from atmosphere to service, to food, to drink list, and now love the new sign. A great addition to Barracks Row!


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