• sasindc

    Ohhhh, the sporty hatchback!

  • Ashy Oldlady

    Oh, wow. American luxury’s darkest days.

  • spookiness

    I love me some old school malaise-era broughamtastic Detroit iron. Such comfort! You could option this one with the notorious 5.7 liter diesel V-8. My preference is for Deville & Fleetwood sedans, and in the day I thought Sevilles were odd, but I like them now. P.S. its not a hatchback.

  • Epic Fail

    What we have here is a second generation Cadillac Seville “Slantback” from the early 1980’s (unfortunately my knowledge of Cadillacs is not good enough for me to identify the exact year). Quality control and horrible engine choices doomed these cars to the scrapheap pretty quickly, however a few have survived. Needless to say, prices are very reasonable for examples in good condition and might even be sub $3k.


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