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“Pollo Granjero, Columbia and Ontario NW is emptying out – no tables and chairs.”

by Prince Of Petworth August 26, 2016 at 11:10 am 23 Comments

1742 Columbia Road, NW

Thanks to Daniel for sending:

“Pollo Granjero, Columbia and Ontario NW is emptying out – no tables and chairs. Is something new coming?”

We judged them back in 2009 to less than stellar reviews but with the new hotel and restaurant coming nearby this could be a pretty prime spot – updates when we learn more.

  • The Return of the Thin Archduke

    Perhaps this is part of the “gentrification” locals have feared with the new Adamo and Ontario condos, the Hotel, and three pending condo projects (two on Columbia Road + the Suntrust plaza development).

    Bring it on. Please.

    • Made DC Great Again

      It was/is inevitable – I thought there was only one project on Columbia road (which are slated for apartments/rental units) + sun trust plaza development (which the status of is uncertain)??

      • textdoc

        Also confused — which two (non-Adamo, non-Ontario 17) projects on Columbia Road are you talking about? I know only of the project slated for the strip between the former Payless and the former Radio Shack.

        • AMResident

          The lot on the southside of 16th and Columbia next to the churh.

    • Bryan

      Not sure what you would prefer. Never been to this place but pollo in general is freaking awesome. If it is replaced by another “fusion” place….well then that is super unfortunate. I could really go for good pollo in the area since I am currently stuck basically driving out to Arlington if I want good, legit pollo.

  • Anderlank


    • anon

      oh my god, horrible of me I know but +1! the closest one is so far away. How funny I was JUST running by this place thinking I would love an awesome bar/restaurant to open here

  • MoldieOldie

    another domino tumbling. predictable :(

  • Columbia Rd Hater

    I waited at the bus stop outside this place this morning for about 10 minutes, before 8am. I witnessed two different verbal altercations – people randomly screaming at each other about who only knows. It is beyond time for this strip to get some businesses that will draw steady foot traffic and hopefully calm the crazy/drug dealing/public drinking at 8am (why???)

  • DC Denizen

    I’m surprised how long that entire south side of the block from Ontario to Champlain has survived this long. I wonder if the rents will be hiked up because of the condo projects and the new hotel.

    • Anonymous

      The ways things are shaping up on Columbia Road, I will venture to say that the bulldozers are probably coming for a lot of these storefronts. No way in hell are the one-story retail shops remaining here for another two years. The writing is on the wall – lots of proprietors are not getting their leases renewed or the rent jacked up to an insane level on bad terms (i.e., one year extension at a ridiculous price).

      • TX2DC

        You must be new here. Mt Pleasant has hardly changed, save a infamous new Subway, in the 8 years since I moved from the neighborhood. The locals like things the way they are and will fight vigorously to keep it that way.

        • textdoc

          Mt. Pleasant ≠ Adams Morgan, though — it seems like Adams Morgan has been accommodating more change.

        • Anon

          You must not keep up with businesses in Mt Pleasant., or the current business environment.

          In the past eight years, Purple Patch, Flying Fish, Zabver, Lezo’s, Beau Thai, Eat Peach have all opened. Paisley Fig is supposed to open this fall.

          Nowhere have I seen ANY signs of neighbors protesting these new businesses.

          It is not the 1990’s, the neighborhood has changed.

      • textdoc

        The only “one-story retail shops” are the ones on the north side of Columbia, not the south side.
        On the north side, the stretch between (IIRC) the former Payless and the former Radio Shack is already slated to be demolished and replaced with a multistory building. I don’t think the stretch between the 7-Eleven and Safeway is going to be changing form any time soon — the renovation that it underwent several years ago (maybe 8 years? 10 years?) had to have been expensive, so it’s likely not worth the owner’s while to tear it down any time soon, and the value of the renovations means that a new prospective owner wouldn’t be able to get the property as cheaply.
        Similarly, the renovation of the building where Game Stop used to be looked like it must’ve been somewhat expensive. So I imagine that building will remain in its current form for a while.

  • Chickenfan

    Bring back Lil Peckers!

    • textdoc

      I liked that place (especially the fact that they served breakfast food all day). I was so disappointed when they were replaced by Pollo Granjero.
      I’d like to see a Panera, Sweetgreen, or Cosi here. (Although any of those would have been much more useful to me when I was actually living in Adams Morgan!)

      • Joel

        Potbelly’s please. Sometimes you just want a quick sandwich and shake and I’ve yet to find a place closeby to get one.

        • Anons

          There’s a Potbelly right outside Columbia Heights metro

        • 2 cents

          I get that a quick sandwich shop is much needed in that general area. However, I’d much rather see the likes of a Meridian Pint, The Coupe, or Tail up Goat established there as opposed to the generic commercial chipotles of the world that we see popping up everywhere else.

          • Bryan

            Give me a better pollo place above any of the aforementioned places…please for the love of god.

  • Biltmoron

    Granja de Oro is decent, affordable pollo just down Columbia across from Cashion’s/Johnny’s Half Shell.

  • Lou

    I’ve lived a block away for more than 12 years and have only set foot in that place once and never returned. That corner needs an upgrade badly. I say bring it on if we can have a salad or decent sandwich place. Would be a huge plus if they could keep the sidewalk on Ontario clean and maintained. It’s hard to get excited stepping over trash and debris to go into a food business.


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