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SWEET Scuttlebutt about the Line Hotel Coming to Adams Morgan

by Prince Of Petworth March 31, 2016 at 4:00 pm 22 Comments

1780 Columbia Road, NW

Yesterday we mentioned two new restaurants coming to The Line DC hotel in Adams Morgan. A very, very good source tells me that those new restaurants are coming from none other than Maketto/Toki Underground’s Erik Bruner-Yang and Baltimore’s Woodberry Kitchen’s Spike Gjerde. If this pans out this’ll be huge and a spectacular compliment to the already awesome Mintwood Place down the block. Updates when/if more is known. In the meantime – keep talking sh*t about Adams Morgan…

  • JCo

    AdMo forever <3

    • BRP


  • fka Shawess

    This sounds about right. I heard one of these was true about a year ago directly from the source, but can’t confirm any more than that :) But if you doubt it’s possible, check out the other Sydell Group hotels and you’ll see that this is exactly the type of collaboration that they are known for. I think this place is going to be pretty spectacular no matter what restaurants end up there.

  • d

    Wow, that is definitely some sweet scuttlebutt!

  • neighbor

    AdMo has a ton of great additions in the last few years. BUL, Lapis, etc. The better old places are doing fine and the older places that cater to the 22 year old crowd are going out of business. I think this will be a great neighborhood in 15 years.

    • I

      It’s a great neighborhood now! Tail Up Goat also rocks. Can’t wait for this hotel to be up and running.

      • adamsmorgan

        Tail Up Goat is over priced, normal people can’t go out to eat there weekly. Hopefully these will be more reasonable like Toki and Woodberry.

      • M

        Agreed, Tail Up Goat is awesome (and I disagree that it’s overpriced)! And yeah, adding these two news places to the neighborhood, along with places like Mintwood, Lapis, Donburi, BUL, and Sakuramen thrown in there, hopefully Adams Morgan will keep being a strong place to go out for dinner, drinks, and music for a long time. And while I’ll admit that it’s nice that 18th isn’t a complete mess at night anymore, I wouldn’t want to lose all the nightlife in the area. It’s great to have places like Jack Rose, Black Squirrel, Madam’s Organ, and The Columbia Room. And during the day, I’m happy to be able to get a cheap meal at a place like Super Taco. It’s a great neighborhood!

    • Mtp

      /is a great neighborhood now other than post-10pm on Friday and Saturday nights. :-) This is great news and this whole development should help the area.

    • INDC

      Agreed! Adams Morgan has some excellent restaurants and this hotel will hopefully draw more. I feel like the sores such as Spaghetti Garden (I’m convinced this place is a front for something not related to spaghetti) are dying a slow but much needed death.

  • Mtp

    Also with things like Tail Up Goat, the new Duke’s Counter, you wonder if maybe, just maybe, the rents in the hipper places further east are getting a bit too high and have surpassed the rents in these places, which were traditionally higher. I would love for this area (and Mt. P and Cleveland Park) to keep getting some new top notch places.

    • Mtp

      And the place by Fabio Trabochhi in Van Ness. Long live the Red Line! :-)

  • Belmont Road Diva

    + 1 on Tail Up Goat. Ate there two nights ago–awesome meal! Highly recommend.

  • Anon


  • chasscott

    OMG! Two of my favorite restauranteurs in the same place and just four blocks from my house!!!
    Thanks POP for sharing this excellent bit of news I so hope comes about.
    After your listing of last week, may I propose that the name of one of them be
    Sweet & Scuttlebutt

  • Los

    Yesss! Adams Morgan shall rise again and reclaim its crown as the best neighborhood in the land

    • Dadric

      AdMo has quietly gone from completely intolerable to somewhat underappreciated. It can still be a mess on the weekends, but the bro-ification of the Shaw/U Street/14th Street complex has left AdMo quite pleasant most of the time.

      • d

        Agree, although it was only ever intolerable weekend nights after 10 and even that’s gotten much better with the diffusion of nightlife across the city. But it’s otherwise been a chill, funky, underappreciated neighborhood for a while now. One of few such neighborhoods left, IMO.

        • AMDCer

          Totally agree, which is why I’ve stayed for 22 years. But shhhh… don’t let everyone in on it.

          • howdyhey

            26 years for me… welcome to the neighborhood AMDCER :)

  • AnonV2

    Not to be a Debbie Downer, but Spike Gjerde’s expansions have not been as successful as Woodberry Kitchen (which is one of my favorite restaurants, I have never had a bad meal there). Specifically his diner concept on Falls Rd in Baltimore was pretty universally considered not very good, and may be closed now. His deli (Parts and Labor) is a great place to shop for ingredients, though.

  • simit

    I always liked that Adams Morgan has its well-known nightlife stretch, but also a stretch of upper-scale dining and shopping, a stretch of practical chain stores (CVS / Safeway / 7-11), its Hispanic immigrant stretch, and its Ethiopian immigrant stretch.

    Good mix all around.


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