“Multiple drug arrests and one Gun Arrest at 14th and Girard Street, NW (Inside the Park)”

by Prince Of Petworth August 29, 2016 at 2:55 pm 22 Comments

14th and girard

From MPD:

“On Friday, August 26, 2016, at 2:30 p.m., the Third District Crime Suppression Team responded to 14th and Girard Street, NW (Inside the park), in response to numerous drug complaints by concerned citizens. After a brief investigation four adult males were arrested for misdemeanor drug charges. One of the adults males was found to be in possession of a loaded firearm. This adult male was additionally charged with Carrying a Pistol without a License.”

  • say what

    I used to live close by on Fairmont and year ago we were so excited by the renovation. But its the same shit, different look. So glad I moved out of Columbia Heights. And this is the park people want to name after Obama?

  • Neighbor

    They could do this every day in that park.

    • DRC

      Yup, been saying this for years. I used to run past here 3-4 times a week on my way to the gym and saw the same guy sitting in his truck outside the park selling drugs every day. Apparently the 2-3 police also sitting in their cars on 14th between Kenyon and Florida never noticed… I also saw people exchanging money for what I assume was drugs while kids played on the court right behind them. So sad.

  • Anon

    What is this neighborhood coming to? Might as well be Cleveland Park!

  • aeb

    I used to live close by to here and I absolutely hated walking past here. The smell was always terrible and then men sitting on the sidewalk would frequently make rude catcalls at me. The amount of trash on the ground by the end of the day was also just appalling. Add that to the violent crime on this stretch in the last few months, and I’m really really happy I moved.

    • neighbor

      I actually really like Columbia Heights and think it’s a great and mostly safe neighborhood. Just not the part surrounding 14th from about Euclid to Irving. Most the areas along 13th and 11th are really nice, and North of the metro is mostly pretty nice with a few small exceptions along 14th. I think the rest of the neighborhood will continue to grow and get nicer, with this patch becoming increasingly isolated but not really changing.

  • Mt.P Mom

    And to think I was worried I was over-reacting when I decide to stop taking my 3 year old here to play….

    • CoHi mama

      Me too! I decided to stop taking my 2 year old there a few months ago. Thought I was over-reacting too, but just couldn’t do it.

  • Q

    Hooray! Nice to see some action, rather than just after-the-fact response.

  • MR

    I hate saying it, but this park is such a waste of space.

  • Eric Luntz

    Hooray! Hopefully they do this everyday. One more illegal gun off the street.

  • DC_TaxPayer

    Hope the city continues to make this park safe for everyone! I tried to play basketball here and was told that people like me ‘are allowed in their park’. I have not been back since…..

  • Neighborly

    Does anyone know the story behind the police activity at 14th and Meridian in Saturday? I walked by around 4pm, and there must have been a dozen police cars there.

  • Columbia Heights

    This park is awesome and it sucks that there is so much crime around it. Wish that the city did more to keep it safe

  • mahuchi

    I’d love to know how the concerned residents got the police to respond. I would love for the corner at 14th and Kenyon “drug dealer Free”!!!!!!

    • CoHi

      +1 to this.

      We need more police action on these drug dealing corners. Shut them down and lock up the perps.

  • N

    Clearly Police action is not preventing any crime in CH. We need social programs that get folks into rehab and get drug dealers jobs. There is a desperate need for attention in the low income housing in this area given the constant littering, drug dealing and rude comments.

  • bruno

    Was by there Saturday. A very young boy with a confetti gun pointed it at me, shot me full of confetti, laughed, and walked on. It was a creepy Diane Arbus moment. Glad it was not a real gun, but now I know why people freak when toy guns are pointed at them.

  • Thought

    Police working to improve the quality of life in Columbia Heights?
    Brianne Nadeau must be on vacation!
    Upon her return her “stand down” directive to police will be reinstated.
    Enjoy it while you can, folks!

  • The Other Jason

    I have lived across the street from this place for 4 years. It is absolutely a waste of space and city money/resources. Perhaps if the front section was not overwhelmed with elderly ex-bangers, drunks, addicts, and those with serious mental health needs, and perhaps if the local drug dealers did not rely on that spot and that crowd to keep them in business, then maybe it’d be a nice park for children. The basketball court is used less than 50% of time, but from sunrise to sunset the same POS call this place home.

  • Kathryn-DC

    I can tell just riding the bus past this park that criminal stuff was going down there, so very unsurprised.

  • abc

    Isn’t this the park that the Appletree preschool has recess at? Why has the city given up on this place? It’s only a matter of time before a young child gets hurt.


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