• alurin

    Don’t hold your breath. There have been similar signs up for the Barracks Row &Pizza for three years now.

    • bll

      walked past there over the weekend, and they’re in full on construction mode with the permits out front. not saying it didn’t take forever (from what I heard there was a lot of neighborhood opposition) but it’s well on its way now.

  • halfsmoke

    Oh foot of the pig how I miss you.

    • Rivh

      Cardboard with tomato sauce-not a great change from a weak 5Guys franchise.

    • Chase

      Me too….I love that it’s still called “the former Au Pied de Cochon space”.

      What a wonderful memory of old Georgetown…well, my old Georgetown I guess.

  • andy2

    As long as they keep the plaque to Vitaly Yurchencko I’m okay with this.

  • Eckington Chic

    Will the guy selling knockoff sunglasses and other crap still be standing outside all day?

  • Phil

    Can someone explain the &pizza love to me? It’s decent, but takes forever (and the employees are usually even slower and chat the whole time) and is overpriced.

  • jcm

    That’s just terrible. Au Pied deserves better.

  • Dave

    Appalling use of a great space. At least Five Guys kept the interior layout intact with the bar. Hope this is not a complete gut job, but suspect it has to be.


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