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“My friends’ dog Capote bolted after they were involved in a serious car accident early this morning.”

by Prince Of Petworth August 15, 2016 at 9:35 am 10 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

My friends’ dog Capote bolted after they were involved in a serious car accident early this morning. He was last seen wearing a red harness and blue collar, heading toward the woods on BW Parkway near 95. They suspect he may have gotten into Greenbelt Park. The owners are both in hospital at the moment and completely broken up about this as they can’t search themselves. Local animal shelters are being contacted. If you’re up in the College Park/Greenbelt area, please keep a lookout. Please send sightings to [email protected]

  • neighbor

    Poor scared puppy. I hope he doesn’t have any injuries from the accident.

    I also hope your friends recover!

  • CatieCat

    This is so sad!!! prayers for everyone/dog involved

  • SeventhStreet

    So sorry to hear this. I sent a link to my uncle who lives in Old Greenbelt; he said he forwarded to a neighbor who is connected with dog groups in the area to circulate. I hope his is found soon!

    • SeventhStreet

      * he is found

  • SeventhStreet

    My uncle messaged me that Capote has been spotted in Old Greenbelt but can’t be caught so far – but people are trying!

    • AdsizKiz

      Yes, he’s been seen several times, but has been skittish and running away. The owners are now out of the hospital and we have been searching along with many great people from the community, but we had to give up because of the storm. A very kind person who learned of the story on Facebook has offered to pay for a canine search service, I believe called Dogs Finding Dogs. They will be starting the hunt early tomorrow morning, and hopefully Capote will have stayed put in the area where he’s been seen. The canine search team people have asked for people other than the canine search team not to look for him or go after him or even call his name–it can scare him off–but to please look out and report additional sightings. We left a bunch of things with the owners’ scent near the place he was last spotted, and we hope he’ll pick it up and stay in the area until tomorrow.

      Thank you for your help!

  • Heartbreaking

    I’ve literally never posted on popville before but I can’t get this story out of my mind!! Please update us if (and when) poor Capote is found!

    • AdsizKiz

      The dog teams are searching for him now. I’ll keep you posted if I hear anything!

    • AdsizKiz

      He has been found!!! It must have been the wildest adventure of his life, but he is home and a bit banged up from the accident and five days in the woods, but otherwise unharmed!

      • SeventhStreet

        Great news! So happy to hear this!!


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