“Dirt Bike (motorcycle?) and SUV Collision at 11th and F St, NW” around 9am

by Prince Of Petworth August 30, 2016 at 2:50 pm 19 Comments

dirt bike
11th and F Street, NW around 9am

A few readers email and one reader reports:

“On my way to work on my bike this morning a guy on a red dirt bike zoomed around me crossing Independence at 7th St, and I was a little annoyed that he got so close to me as I was also trying to get around a parked truck. About ten minutes later, I got to the intersection of 11th and F NW (around 9:00am) and there were several emergency vehicles. The guy’s bike was laying smashed in the middle of the intersection and an SUV was pretty banged up and missing some pieces off the front end. It looked like possibly the SUV had been making a lefthand turn when it hit him but I’m not sure. Wondering if anyone else might’ve seen what happened. The guy must have already been in the ambulance when I passed by, as I didn’t see him. I think he may have had a helmet on but I don’t remember.

Two things, before everyone jumps on this in the comments: this guy passing me closely doesn’t at all suggest this accident was his fault – I only included that detail because that’s what caused me to take note of him at all; and two, I don’t actually know if his bike is classified as a dirt bike – it looked like one to me, but I think it also may have had a registration plate and could very well have been a street legal motorcycle.”

Ed. Note: A commenter on another post wrote:

“a motorcyclist was hit by a car this morning at 11th St and F. DC Fire/EMS and MPD hadn’t yet arrived when I came upon the scene on my way to work, but a number of bystanders had stopped to help the injured motorist, including several construction guys nearby who had put out orange cones to block off the accident area/redirect traffic.”

  • t-digs

    Not a dirt bike as it has a headlight and turn signals so it is a street legal dual sport. I hope everyone is ok.

    • Curious

      I hope you’re kidding. That is an illegal dirtbike by any measure. Headlight and turn signals do not at all make it a legal motorcycle.
      See http://ddot.dc.gov/sites/default/files/dc/sites/ddot/publication/attachments/non-traditional_motor_vehicle_chart.pdf

      “An all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”) is
      defined as any motor vehicle with
      not less than three low pressure
      tires, but not more than six low
      pressure tires, designed primarily
      for off-road use and which has a
      seat or saddle designed to be
      straddled by the operator. A dirt
      bike is defined as any motorcycle
      designed primarily for off-road
      use. [11A]”

      I hope he is cited for illegal use of a dirt bike, and that that bike is confiscated and crushed. These things are a menace to society.

      • ah

        How does the definition of “dirt bike” provide anyone with such certainty? A “motorcycle designed primarily for off-road use”? What does that mean? Knobby tires? Well, that can be ridden on a street. High clearance? Same for street use. Indeed, one looks at SUVs and sees some of these things advertised as features (I realize SUVs aren’t at issue in the laws).

        So far as I can tell the basic requirements is that it have the equipment of other road vehicles – headlights, turn signals, speedometer, brake lights, horn. My eyes are good, and I see turn signals and a head light, but I can’t see the rest or be sure it’s not there.

      • Sean

        You should look at what you posted….”Not less than three low pressure tires.” This dirtbike has two. Because it’s a two wheeled motorized vehicle with a headlight, brake light, and turn indicators, it can be registered as a motorcycle. Whether or not it was registered is a different matter.

        • ah

          It’s the last sentence that covers dirtbikes.

      • DRC

        Unless you were there to see it, there is no way you can tell what kind of bike that is from the resolution in that picture. Dirtbikes and dual-sport motorcycles look almost identical (and are almost identical) other than the things that make them street legal such as headlights, brake lights and turn signals. So yeah, that definition of dirt bike is completely pointless. Like others have said, I’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt because those ghetto four-wheeler/dirt bike assclowns are never out riding around at 9am.

        • t-digs

          Click on the pic. Headlamp and signals are easy to see.

      • ontarioroader

        That is a street legal Honda XR250L or XR650L. I worked on them for years.

      • t-digs

        I’m not kidding. Click on the pic and enlarge it. How many motocross racers have you seen that forgo the number plate in the front for a headlight? None. Also, how many motocross racing bikes (aka dirt bikes) have turn signals? None. For your education, a dual purpose is meant to be a street legal bike that can go on dirt trails. Headlight + Signals = Street legal if properly registered. You are a menace to society for advocating the crushing of a good motorbike because some choose to ride DIRT BIKES illegally.

  • downtown office bee

    I came upon this a little after 8:30am. The bike looked like the dual sport kind to me. The motorist did have a helmet on, but seemed really banged up. He was on the pavement in the fetal position and someone was holding his neck in place. Fire/EMS arrived about a minute later and he was conscious when they loaded him into the ambulance.

  • PretCustomer

    If someone on a dirt bike passed you at around 8:50, it might not have been the same guy (or maybe you were earlier than you thought). I passed this accident around 8:30 and he was already on the ground and EMTs and fire trucks were there. The EMTs loaded him into the ambulance a few minutes later, maybe 8:35-8:40. I assumed it was a motorcycle but it could have been a dirt bike, I’m no expert, all I know is it was very banged up (and red). Both times I walked by I couldn’t see the guy’s head so I don’t know if he was wearing a helmet. They loaded him on a backboard, but he seemed to be moving his legs and the relative calm of the first responders made me think he was probably going to be okay (although I know you can’t always tell with potential spinal or internal injuries). I overheard one of the construction workers you mentioned say that the SUV had been making a left turn and hit the guy, which is what it looked like to me, too from the angle of the SUV. The front windshield of the SUV had a huge smashed-in section (but hadn’t fully shattered), so it looked like the guy and/or the bike went up on the windshield. I’ve been thinking about it all day and hoping the guy is okay.

    • OP

      OP here – thanks for the info, and I’ve been thinking about it all day too. I was pretty sure this was the same guy I had seen pass me, but you’re right that I might have been slightly earlier than my guess when I sent the description to PoP. I think I passed the scene closer to 8:45/8:50 (looking at a text I sent to a friend about it). Or there could have been another guy on a strikingly similar bike around the same time and it was a weird coincidence..

      • OP

        Also there is a very good chance I’m slower on my bicycle than I imagine myself to be…

    • Satinger

      I saw this at 8.20

  • ontarioroader

    That’s a street-legal Honda dual sport motorcycle.

  • W

    I have never seen the guys that ride illegal dirt bikes on the streets up/riding at 8:30 AM

  • Passerby

    I came upon this scene at some point after it occurred but after the guy on the bike had been taken away. The accident left an huge circular impact indentation on the passenger’s side of the car’s windshield. It appeared to be from the cyclist hitting the car and after seeing it, I assumed that the cyclist had to be dead or severely injured. Happy to hear that he was alive immediately after the accident.

  • Randy

    I cycled by the scene soon after it happened (ambulances had a arrived and the victim was presumably inside). It was surreal given a recent close-call I had on my bicycle in Georgetown the same day. Hopefully the person will be fine.

  • Anonymous

    The most common and dangerous accident for a motorcyclist is a driver making a left turn and cutting off a motorcyclist going straight. Please be careful drivers! I was in a similar accident last month with an Uber driver who illegally turned left across my lanes of traffic without signaling.
    Do not attempt to cut off a motorcyclist simply because you’re impatient! You’re not only potentially ruining someone else’s life (plus that of their loved ones), but you will also be sued for everything and lose. It’s not worth saving an extra minute or two on your commute.


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