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  • Line Park SE

    This seems like this has been going on forever. And it looks like it’s still going to take forever.
    These are going to be apartments over the highway? This town and its abundance of condos…

    • Brentwood

      I take 395 every day, to and from work, and it feels like it’s a looooong way from being done.

    • PQ

      I know. So many condos that the prices are just dirt cheap.

    • womp

      Should we understand your comment to mean you feel there’s not a market need for the condos? It’s a question I ask out of genuine curiosity and not with regard to this project because it’s not a condo/apartment building. This project is creating 3 new city blocks and “2.2 million square feet of primarily commercial office and ground floor retail space” (http://www.capitolcrossingdc.com/#siteplan) in a part of the city that is literally and figuratively divided. I drive through it every day and while it sucks, I’m excited for what it will do for the city and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    • Anon

      I think OP may be a bit confused … “These are going to be apartments over the highway? This town and its abundance of condos…”

      • Line Park SE

        The buildings will include apartments. They are being built over the highway. Interestingly – this is all privately funded. Who knew you could build city blocks privately.

        • womp

          lol not how it works, but good luck to you in your quest to figure it out.

        • Truxtoner

          I’m pretty sure nearly all of that will be commercial space, not condos. There may be some, although I think most of the development is commercial/retail space. And the project has not been going on forever. It’s actually moving pretty quickly in my view considering the insane amount of infrastructure planning that has to go into it.

          Of any development in DC, this one is probably the most needed, short of maybe all the new development at the waterfront. It will change the entire flow of that part of town for the better.

  • Joey

    On a related note, for what it’s worth: a friend of mine was in NYC last week and went to Eataly. He was talking with a staff member there who, after hearing that my friend was from DC, said that (as he understood it) they would absolutely still be coming to DC. He had no clue as to whether it would be at Capital Crossing or not, however.

    • siz

      i thought i recalled capital crossing being ruled out.

      • siz


    • Anon

      I’m guessing they are just jockeying for a better rate.

    • Los

      I keep having dreams that Eataly will open on the corner of Columbia Rd & 18th

  • Truxton Thomas

    I, for one, much prefer mixed-use development to open-pit interstate highways.

    • I Dont Get It

      I was coming here to say the same but you said it so much better!

      • Line Park SE

        I just checked out their website – their green aspects are interesting, but their renderings are rather uniform in nature – just a string of identical glass box buildings.

        • Dave

          Yeah, that’s what you have to do to maximize your space in DC with zoning & height restrictions.

          • navyard

            I don’t really understand this argument. I lived near Phila when they dropped their height restrictions. It’s still a city of square buildings — until you look at it from an airplane, when you can see 30 story buildings have different shaped tops. When you’re on street level, it all still looks the same. It’s not like anyone is avoiding classical architecture due to the height restrictions.

        • womp

          yeah, so let’s just build another freeway instead?????????


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