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Absolutely Wild – Capitol Crossing Enclosure Begins

by Prince Of Petworth February 26, 2016 at 3:00 pm 25 Comments

3rd and Massachusetts Ave, NW

From a press release:

“Capitol Crossing began installation of the project’s first steel beam laying the groundwork for reclaiming a neighborhood separated for over 40 years, announced developer Property Group Partners. Steel erection represents the first step toward completion of a seven-acre platform that will eventually support 2.2 million square feet of commercial, retail and public open space.

“The installation of the first steel beam signifies the start of a new phase of construction that will cover the highway and lay the foundation for a project unlike anything we’ve seen in this city before. Capitol Crossing is already creating jobs, spurring economic growth and writing the next chapter of a brighter future for the city,” said Bob Braunohler, Regional Vice President of Property Group Partners.

By re-connecting Capitol Hill and East End—currently divided by the I-395 Center Leg Freeway—Capitol Crossing is restoring the area to the original L’Enfant Plan. Capitol Crossing will create three new city blocks supporting 2.2 million square feet of mixed-use space in five buildings. The project is supporting 4,000 construction jobs, and—once completed—there will be an estimated 10,000 employees and residents in the five buildings.

The highway deck is expected to be completed by the end of the year with groundbreaking on the first building, 200 Massachusetts Avenue, NW expected to begin in Fall 2016.”


  • CoHi

    I don’t believe this qualifies as within the Mt. Vernon Triangle neighborhood footprint. It’s in Judiciary Square – the section of 395 south of Mass Ave, rather than the section running from Mass Ave to NY Ave, which could arguably be called the edge of the Mt. Vernon neighborhood. Regardless, I am excited for this project!

    • womp

      who calls Judiciary Square a neighborhood?

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Probably the same people who call Van Ness a neighborhood.

        • Hill Denizen

          Except quite a lot of people live in Van Ness. How many people live in (near?) “Judiciary Square”?

          • CoHi

            Eh, don’t kill the messenger, I googled a DC neighborhood map because this seemed far from what I think of as the boundaries of Mt. Vernon Sq., which I really think of as the Southeast corner of Shaw, and google told me it was Judiciary Square. I’m agnostic on what it is, I’m just pretty sure it’s not Mt. Vernon Sq.

    • turtwigs

      It’s really East End, in which Judiciary Square resides. It will be connecting East End and Mt. Vernon Triangle.

  • jcm

    That’s such a cool project. One of the most transformative things going on in the city right now. I’d love to see the project to deck over the rail yard at Union Station happen too.

    • accendo


    • Timebomb

      It’s called Burnham Place. Seems like it’s well on its way to happening.

    • Caleb

      Yes. I see this project everyday and I always think…if only they could do this for the train tracks running out of Union Station.

      • Duponter

        I would think it would be even easier to accomplish that since you’re not dealing with the 395 disruption to do it.

  • Sean

    I clicked on the article because of the words “closure begins.” Does this mean highway closures or are you just talking about closure as in closing the lid over the tunnel?

    • anon

      I had the same question, but I am assuming that it is the latter. Even in the picture, it looks like traffic going through.

    • womp

      perhaps the better word is “enclosure”

    • Anon

      The third street tunnel is fully closed, at least the top part. I live nearby and the entrance from NY Ave was closed last night. Not sure if the D st entrance is open or not. Traffic around the entrance (4th and NY Ave NW) was a zoo. No one seemed to be aware of the closing.

      • It’s closed overnight but open during the day. From an email the city sent to residents back in mid-January:

        The following changes in traffic patterns will take effect beginning February 1:
        Both southbound lanes of I-395, from New York Avenue to E Street, NW, will be closed from 9 pm to 5 am.
        Most southbound traffic will use one of the northbound lanes, while northbound traffic is diverted to the 2nd Street off-ramp and on to New Jersey Avenue. Some southbound traffic will be detoured to 4th Street, NW.
        After approximately five weeks, the northbound lanes will be closed from 9 pm to
        5 am. Northbound traffic will be detoured to the 2nd Street off-ramp. Southbound lanes will be open and operate under normal conditions during this time.
        The southbound and northbound closures will continue to alternate through the construction period.
        Traffic delays are expected and motorists should consider alternate routes.
        Motorists are reminded that fines are doubled for speeding through work zones.
        The steel erection concludes phases of construction that have focused on infrastructure upgrades to the 3rd Street Tunnel.

  • Anon

    What’s absolutely wild is navigating the minefield of potholes and ruts through that construction zone.

    • No that’s absolutely bonkers.

      • HillEast

        is it wild or is it bonkers? MAKE UP YOUR MINDS, PEOPLE!

        • JoDa

          This is why I’m glad I rent when I drive through said location. F’ed up the alignment? NOT MY PROBLEM!
          I mean, I know it will eventually get fixed, but there is a certain satisfaction in running roughshod over the current situation and not giving a F.
          Also the roads in my hometown are, in general, MUCH worse than anything DC can throw at you. When I took back my last rental car (back home) after sloshing through uncleared snow and potholes and having kids in the car (those buggers make a MESS…particularly when you’ve been driving for an hour with another to go and they’re whining and you know some fast-food french fries will shut them up…as an Aunt, you are allowed to do whatever it takes to maintain sanity in the car when you’ve given the parents a day to themselves by driving their crotchfruit to the children’s museum 2 hours away and entertaining them all day at your expense), the return agent said “you really USED this car, didn’t you?” Me: “Yep. Anything I have to pay for?” Him: “No, here’s your receipt.”

          • Thought

            +1 for “crotchfruit”… I’ve never heard that before. Hilarious!

  • Super Mature Person

    I feel as though I don’t get to read enough press releases incorporating the phrase “steel erection.”

    • textdoc


      • textdoc

        Although I am LOL-ing in part because I spent a year in Japan, so to me it also sounds like “steel election.”


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