“Block Party for Community Dialogue” this Saturday at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park

by Prince Of Petworth August 10, 2016 at 4:15 pm 7 Comments


From their Facebook invite:

“Let’s change the script that’s happening in the media right now. Let’s start to put an actual plan in to action to prevent more senseless killings and violence.

Performers: Nasim Siddeeq, Ace Reign, Mark Anthony Montgomery, Andy Niaina Raveloarinivo

Panel Host: Mercy Imahiyerobo

Food: Oohhs & Aahhs Soul Food, Snacks, Water

Activities: Lawn games, face painting, coloring, and more

The purpose of this block party is to facilitate positive communication between the DC community and police officers. We worked with several people that felt the dialogue needed to be guided, at least initially, and so we will be starting the event with a panel discussion. We will also have several people performing during the event to help spark progressive conversation about how to take action.

Below is some more information about how this event started:

Behavior analysts look at social problems with a different approach than other professionals. We focus on the behaviors of concern (target behaviors), why they occur (the function of the behavior) and how to change those behaviors (a treatment plan). I recently met with some behavior analysts and others that work in the field, and we discussed the impact behavior analysis can have on social change, specifically the current events involving police officers and the black community. We analyzed the target behaviors, the function of these behaviors, and developed a hypothetical treatment plan. Part of this hypothetical treatment plan with this event, which has become more than a hypothetical.

Part of the analysis led to the idea that interactions between the police and the black community could be de-escalated if the involved parties knew each other. The purpose of this event is to introduce members of the community to police officers and vice versa. By getting to know each other, the hope is to prevent future incidents from escalating in the manner we’ve seen recently.

While this event is certainly not a long-term solution to the problem, it will be a positive step in the direction of more permanent change.”

  • anonymous

    Good stuff!

    • Becca

      Thank you! The event was a success :-)

  • anonymous

    Not safe? Is it the typeset that scares you? Read the whole description

  • Blithe

    Is it the “lawn games”, the “face painting”, the “coloring”, or the plan to “facilitate positive communication between members of the DC community and police officers ” that strikes you as being less than “very safe or wholesome”?
    I don’t know anything about the organizers or the performers, but I’m all for community based activities that support positive communication between police officers and the communities that they serve. I also appreciate the efforts of the organizers to use both names for the park — which seems like a nice way to support community engagement. I’m not quite sure how to parse your comment about the type. I guess one person’s artfully festive is another person’s “militant” ?

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t you stop by and see what kind of engagement it actually is?

  • FridayGirl

    “Militant typeset?” Huh?
    You, sir, are something else. Your attitude is exactly what our communities do NOT need. Would you have preferred a “wholesome” comic sans? Perhaps we should just completely ignore and give up on positive outcomes instead of “spark”ing them?

  • rebeccah6691

    PoPville this sounds incredibly familiar to an event I suggested when we met at that coffee shop a few months ago – doesn’t it? Policeman, performers, at Meridian Hill/Malcolm X Park, the whole idea to change the dialogue…


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