• anon

    Ugghhhh…this is the worst. Some race coordinators a couple of years ago spray painted all over the sidewalks near Catholic U…stuff like “only 1 more k” “almost done” “5K this way” etc….it annoys me to no end every time I see it. Seems like it will never come off. I hope this one is temporary.

  • hungeegirl
    • dave

      it’s not chalk spray paint, it’s permanent

  • textdoc

    Nice typeface/logo… but spray-painting it on the sidewalk seems like a real jerk move. (Not to mention that advertising on public space isn’t permitted.)

  • Frank

    Atleast the city knows who to fine, not that DDOT would ever get around to doing it.

  • [rrrrr]

    Looks more like the spray chalk used by college acapella groups and utility workers to me. Still pretty clearly a no-no, but not so huge a transgression.

  • anon

    even ballsier, but smart, to then email it to a local blog.

  • TJ

    This is better than stapling signs to trees.

  • palisades

    Some shitty phone app company has been spraypainting their logo like this on the capital crescent trail. So scummy.

    • bruno

      Agreed. Or yarn bombing trees :^0

  • bruno

    It reflects Millennial dissociation between virtual reality and reality…. big problem.

  • Bloomy

    Can we add that phone to any annoying call lists? I think they might want to donate to my grad school, and Trump.


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