Vieux Carre, “A New Orleans Style Cocktail Bar”, coming to K Street

by Prince Of Petworth July 19, 2016 at 10:22 pm 11 Comments

1413 K Street, NW

A reader writes in wondering about the status of Vieux Carre. Last we heard the caviar fusion lounge was out and “Southern-style BBQ” was coming to the former home of the Tattoo Bar. Now stay tuned for a “A New Orleans Style Cocktail Bar” according to a new facebook page.

vieux Carre

Color me intrigued. Updates when an opening date is announced.


  • ctk

    Soon to be followed by a “Minnesota-style lutefisk” concept.

  • RIPSpeak

    Maybe they will even get a liquor license this time before they open up!

    • James

      The bartender/owner from Speak is going to run the bar here. (He is an acquaintance.)

  • Well, this at least makes more sense. Hopefully they’ve cut the whole “southern BBQ” nonsense out completely.

  • P. Lecheval

    Why is it that so many New Orleans-themed bars and restaurants fail to replicate the taste and the atmosphere of New Orleans?

    • TJ

      Rhetorical question right?
      We aren’t in New Orleans.

    • Can’t buy soul.

      • pb1

        That and most Cajun food is terribly over-rated (especially when you leave New Orleans). It is fun to watch a new New Orleans’ themed restaurant open every year or so before inevitably starting their tailspin into oblivion. I can always picture a group of friends drunk during Mardi Gras saying to one another, “you know what DC could really use?”

    • FWIW I thought Po’Boy Jim on H Street has better gumbo that a lot of what I’ve had in NOLA…

    • Jen Jen

      My solution is to go to there with a group of friends from NOLA and/or Louisiana. Works every time.

  • Jen Jen



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