Rough Night in Eckington Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth July 15, 2016 at 8:56 am 11 Comments


Elyse reports:

“Eckington last night: Car turning left crashed into cop driving the WRONG WAY down RI Ave with siren off. A few witnesses, but more would be good. Cop apparently trying to blame the driver of other car (who was driving the right way!)”

Another reader reports:

“FYI – crazy trees down in Eckington on Quincy – looks like it has been cleared.

Also – probably unrelated, but we have a power outage on R street NE from the second half of First to at least Eckington Pl.”

  • B’dale Res

    If that is north of R.I. Ave, which It looks like it based on the apartment buildings location, then this would have taken place in Edgewood and not Eckington. Just a minor not for those trying to orient themselves.

  • Jerry

    Pretty dumb move from the cop to try to blame someone else if they were truly driving the wrong way down the street. Between the dash cam video which is always recording and the fact that the cars are lojacked and tracked via GPS at all times, the lie would withstand about 2 milleseconds of scrutiny.

    • Bloomy

      I hope you’re right… Would those also capture the lights/siren status and speed?

    • Effie

      cops can get rid of dash cam footage if they really want to..

    • dunning-kruger

      Cops cover for each other to the extent we have had constant protests about it for years now. Its very cute that you think any of that stuff will matter, history suggests that unless it exonerates the cop none of that stuff will have been working.

  • CP

    Sigh- this corner needs a stop light. Granted, it probably wouldn’t have stopped the cop in this case, but this corner is crazy dangerous with its poor visibility. We live on the other side of RIA (Eckington side) and go out of our way to not turn left onto RIA from 3rd St NE. People fly down the hill to make the light at 4th St and accelerate at pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk. Added to this, the trucks and cars parked on RIA reduce visibility even more for cars and pedestrians alike.

  • anon

    All non-lighted crosswalks on a road like RIA really really need to be lighted, IMO.

  • Anon

    I highly doubt that GPS is accurate enough to be able to undeniably prove that the car was on the wrong side of the road. The dashcam, however…

  • anonw

    MPD doesn’t have dash cams in their patrol cars.

  • Unsub

    What if the cop had the siren on and the witnesses were wrong?

  • Marie

    The giant tree branch that fell on two cars in Eckington Thursday also knocked down a second branch. Here’s my car under the second smaller branch. https://www.instagram.com/p/BH5NVMYh_E_EQN0b3Nxh59w6wzz4Y-CcK76bEU0


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