• News at 7

    There was also a barricade situation where 5 suspects fired on police in SE. Miraculously no one was hurt.

  • anon_bdale

    What in god’s name is going on in bloomingdale?

  • enough

    This is so depressing. I walk down that block almost every single day at 6:30. I just happened to stay late at work yesterday (thank god). After the tragic murder a couple of blocks away, and what appeared to be a heavy police presence yesterday evening, how does this continue to happen?

    • Gloomingdale

      Same exact story for me too.

  • CatieCat

    I was travelling but my boyfriend hear the gunshot(s) and then immediate response, right outside our window. Cops/ambulances/fire trucks showed up pretty quickly, blocked off block searching for casings. If there was a victim they were nowhere to be found. Bloomingdale/Truxton/Ledroit have had a bad go the past couple of months. It would be nice to see some officers around the neighborhood, though I’m not optimistic.

    • Bloomy

      there has been a major increase in police traffic in Bloomingdale this last week, which is really appreciated, but I just hope it sticks (and actually deters this crap).

  • Anon

    I wonder if there’s any connection between these shots and the $25,000 reward offered for info about the Sunday murder? I wouldn’t be overly surprised if someone living in the R St Coop knows somethin about the shooting. There have been several shootings associated with that complex in the past couple of years. Also, the robberies have been largely concentrated around northern Bloomingdale – could this be far enough away so that the perps 1) aren’t robbing where they sleep and 2) close enough to know that area well enough to be this brazen in their barracks. Though at the same time, people hanging out in the park didn’t seem too bothered 30 minutes after the shooting, so maybe that’s all make-believe.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Wow, we were two blocks away on our front steps with our 2-year-old at the time. Glad we didn’t walk over to the park last night.

  • 9th Street Neighbor

    If there are any crimes or criminals that deserve prosecution and harsh, unfettered, not-reduced jail sentencing and hard time, its ANYBODY/EVERYONE that is found/caught with an (unregistered) firearm in DC. Anybody caught, for the first time — no slaps on wrist here — period. The DC Council, Mayor and Attorney General’s Office need to do their job and prosecute/jail all gun offenses, which they currently are not doing.

    • Anon

      I fully agree with this, but I’m afraid there’s not sufficient political will to make this happen – especially with McDuffie as chair of the Judiciary Committee.

    • SB_DC

      Would be great if it were up to elected officials but felony prosecutions are handled by the US Attorney’s office.

      • 9th Street Neighbor

        Yes, I understand fully that the it is up to the AG’s office to prosecute, but they do not, as the good DC citizens deserve. It is up to the Council and the Mayor to use the bully pulpit on this issue – WHICH THEY DO NOT, and are negligent over. Stand up Mayor and Council! Do your job on this more than important matter.

        • SB_DC

          No the DC AG does not handle felony prosecutions. The US Attorney, a federal official, is responsible for this. A locally accountable officeholder like the AG might be more responsive, particularly on something like gun possession where there’s local consensus but federal opposition.

        • Anon

          The Mayor has been on the USAO’s case quite a bit, actually. Public opinion doesn’t matter too much because their only elected boss is the President, but there are other types of pressure.

          • 9th Street Neighbor

            What other kind of pressure are you alluding to. Please advise.

          • 9th Street Neighbor

            And in what forum or by what means has “the Mayor been on the USAO’s case quite a bit”? Please do elaborate.

  • Kathy

    I saw/heard the incident. Apparently, during a scuffle, one person threw a firecracker at someone. But, it definitely scared everyone around at the time. People dropped to ground and hid behind cars. Not good given that so many are on edge right now.


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