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  • neighbor

    Maybe somebody trying to avoid a ROSA violation?

    • youmademytuesdaymorning

      if lolling at that makes me wrong, I don’t want to be right.

  • K

    I saw that scene this morning. I was bringing my kids to JO Wilson and didn’t want to stop and be looky loo. What happened? K Street is a wide straight away but traffic and the school zone should slow people down.

  • NearNortheaster

    Until DDOT becomes serious about redesigning streets to make drivers actually feel unsafe unless they go the speed limit (25 mph here), these crashes will continue. Unfortunately, as is the case with Maryland and Florida Avenues NE, only high profile crashes involving people walking on crosswalks will pressure DDOT to change a street. But even in those cases, change has not yet occurred despite nearly a decade of planning.
    In this case, simply permitting 24/7 parking on both sides of K Street NE would have prevented the car from jumping the curb and driving over the sidewalk. The cost would be slower commuter speeds, the benefits would be a more walkable street and preservation of life. Best practices abound from cities around the world to make Vision Zero a reality, but to date the city and DDOT have only displayed Zero Vision.

    • J

      Until DC area drivers show they can drive responsibly, it’s time to ban all private cars from the District.

      • ah

        Let’s start with Maryland cars.

      • Ah Non

        Really bad Metro commute today, huh?

    • annonny

      Rather than redesigning every street, it would be more effective and less costly for the DC police simply to enforce traffic laws. They don’t, so people drive like maniacs, and things like this happen.
      And for this case, let me be the first to guess….Maryland driver?

      • Emily

        When it comes to driving, deterrence is far more effective than enforcement. The police can only pull over so many drivers, and every cop engaged in traffic stops is one not working on other problems the city faces. But there are lots of ways to calm traffic and discourage drivers from exceeding the speed limit — medians, traffic signals, etc. The cost and inconvenience is greater up front, but ultimately much more effective than trying to issue tickets to speeders during peak commute times.

        • GS

          Enforcement is a deterrent, at least to some people

        • ah

          Actually the inconvenience is on-going for law-abiding drivers.

          For example, speed bumps: because a minority of drivers well exceed the posted speed limit, everyone is forced to scrape their undercarriage over these “calming” devices.

          I’m all for sensible design, but far too often it’s punitive design for all drivers as a result of the misbehavior of a few.

          • eva

            Ironically these traffic calming measures in residential areas also push cyclists–who we should want to have on our secondary streets rather than the larger arterials–away from those routes. In my part of Petworth a lot of streets are one way in one direction for a few blocks, then two ways, and then switch to one way in the other direction. I live 8 blocks from one of my best friends–on the same street, but I can’t bike there or back directly without going against traffic at least once. Likewise I sometimes take Georgia Ave rather than 4th street in LeDroit because all of the traffic calming measures (speed bumps, 4 way stops, changes in pavement texture at every crosswalk) make it tremendously unpleasant and inefficient to bike through.

        • textdoc

          GS, I’d love to see police enforcement of traffic laws too… but seeing as MPD has apparently decided that’s not a priority, it makes sense to change the built environment to help slow cars down.
          Also, even if MPD were willing to do much traffic enforcement, cops can’t be at all problem locations 24 hours a day. Medians, etc. are present 24/7.

    • LB

      I live a block away. There is a traffic light or stop sign every block. Whomever did this was 100% responsible. It is not unsafe in any sense.

      • textdoc

        I think NearNortheaster’s point was that there are changes that can be made to the built environment to encourage @sshat drivers to slow down.

    • anoNE
  • Rusty

    Hmmmm……probably would have been beter if Evan didn’t abbreviate the the school name in the quote…would have been better than the way it’s written…LOL

    • dcgator

      Heh, I thought the same thing, Rusty

    • Cher

      that made me giggle as well

    • I Dont Get It

      Glad I wasn’t the only one who had the same dirty thought!

  • Confused

    Can someone explain this? The photo looks like the driver crossed the sidewalk into someones garden? isn’t that incredibly dangerous, and something that couldn’t in a million years be due to road design? (i.e. it’s just insane, crazy, reckless driving?). Or am I missing something

    • Rio

      That’s pretty much it. It was an older gentleman that lost control of his car. Crazy that it can happen, but he pretty much just looked away for a second and ended up in a garden (I saw it happen).


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