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  • neighbor

    It looks like the top racks are second hand from a beach town or something.
    You covered scooters at bike racks before:
    Short answer, it’s illegal and annoying, but you won’t get a ticket if your scooter is not registered (most aren’t).

    • Ben

      The ones pictured above are on the street and not on the sidewalk, throwing out the legality argument.

  • TJ

    I am a fan of more straight-up function bike racks. Forget the artsy stuff. The design gets in the way of function. And, well, the designs in the photo are just…

    • MM

      Most of them are simple loops — it’s only the end ones that have the Carnegie logo

    • Neighbor2

      I think they are gorgeous and add a nice touch to the boring/ugly ones! Also, the artsy ones are only the ones on the end. There are about 10 non-artsy ones, compared to the zero that were there previously. Thank you, Carnegie!

    • Rukasu

      Yeah, the fancier they try to be, the harder it is to lock your damn bike on it.

  • annonny

    Two wheels good, four wheels bad!!!


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