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Get Ready for Safetrack Surge #6 Featuring the Red Line

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2016 at 3:40 pm 11 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe Flood


“Red Line trains will continuously single track between Takoma and Silver Spring from August 1 through August 7, 2016.

On weekdays:

Red Line trains will run between Shady Grove and NoMa-Gallaudet every 6 minutes during AM/PM rush; every 12 minutes midday and evening. Passengers traveling to stations north of NoMa-Gallaudet must transfer to continue their trip.
Red Line trains will run between Glenmont and Grosvenor every 12 minutes. Customers traveling to stations north of Grosvenor must transfer to continue their trip.
After 10pm trains will run between Shady Grove and Glenmont every 15 minutes.
Customers traveling between Fort Totten and Downtown DC should use the Green Line as an alternative.
All Red Line customers should consider alternate travel options and avoid traveling during rush-hour periods if possible.

Red line trains may be very crowded, especially during rush hour due to severe service reductions. Expect significantly longer wait times at the following stations:

Glenmont Red Line Takoma Red Line
Wheaton Red Line Brookland Red Line
Forest Glen Red Line Rhode Island Ave Red Line
Silver Spring Red Line NoMa-Gallaudet Red Line
Fort Totten Red Line”

From DDOT:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) advises residents, commuters, and visitors to the District of Columbia to prepare for major rush hour delays on Metrorail’s Red Line due to WMATA’s SafeTrack Safety Surge #6. The next round of repair work runs from Monday, August 1 through Sunday, August 7. Trains will continuously single track between Takoma station in the District and Silver Spring station in Maryland.

DDOT Traffic Mitigation Strategy

Extended morning and evening rush-hour parking restrictions will be expanded to include the following corridors:

1500-3100 Rhode Island Avenue NW to NE
1500-3000 North Capitol Street
1000-8000 16th Street NW

Expanded rush hour times: 7 am-10 am and 4 pm-7 pm

Construction Moratorium for the following key corridors:

6900-7800 Georgia Avenue NW
400-900 Butternut Street NW
6900-7000 4th Street NW
200-300 Cedar Street NW
5700-6900 Blair Road NW
5300-5700 North Capitol Street
Riggs Road NE from North Capitol Street to 1st Street NE
5200-5300 1st Street NE
300 Block of Galloway Street NE

Traffic Management:

Enhanced real-time retiming of traffic signals
Traffic control officers deployed at key intersections
Roadway Operations Patrols during rush hours
Additional staging areas for Metro buses

Capital Bikeshare

Corral service at Union Station 7 am-11 am and 3:30 pm-6:30pm Monday-Friday
$2 single-trip fares”

  • jumpingjack

    I’m disappointed that they’re offering expanded bus service on so few lines. What did they do for the other surges?

  • Pixie

    Ughh this is way worse than I thought. I was handed a pamphlet at Takoma that just said there would be single tracking from takoma to silver spring and to expect delays.

    • JoDa

      Yeah, I’m really disappointed they’re turning the trains back at NoMa instead of further north (I’m almost certain there’s a crossover before Ft. Totten and they could run the every-6-minutes service to there), and appear to not be increasing bus frequency on ANY routes. I could take the bus to/from Union Station to get to better headways, but that particular route is already really busy and without an increase in frequency, won’t improve much (bus will probably be too crowded to board on the first try).
      AND (personal gripe) they’re doing it at a time when work demands mean I can’t take advantage of our office’s safe track policy of “you can exclusively telework during any work that impacts your commute.” All we have to do is show that we get on or travel through the area of reduced service and we can telework as much as we want during that time, but we have a TON of work next week, and it just won’t be possible.

      • jumpingjack

        They’re only increasing service on three lines – 80 (which begins at Fort Totten), P6 (which begins at RI Ave), and Y7 (which runs from Olney to Silver Spring). So basically none of these will help the riders who will be most affected by the surge. Pretty ridiculous.

        • Pixie

          According to WMATA’s site they will be running shuttle buses between Silver Spring, Takoma, and Fort Totten. I guess this is why they are not increasing service on the buses that leave from Takoma? But agreed that it’s ridiculous considering it would help riders most affected by surge.

          • jumpingjack

            I bought an UberPool Pass – $30 for 20 $1 rides in the month of August. I’m not even going to try public transport next week.

          • INWDC

            ^ I have not had much luck with Uber Pool …I’ve had on more than 3 instances drivers never show which ends up with my canceling altogether. I have a feeling Uber Pool will only be marginally more reliable than metro. I would have as many alternates available if you want to actually get to your destination.

          • jumpingjack

            INWDC, thanks for the warning. I’ve only used it a few times, in non-time sensitive situations. I’ll have backup plans.

  • BeverlyS

    Does any one know how to find out if they’re increasing bus service to any of these affected stations?


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