“We are gifting treats, clones, seeds, goodie bags and more through out the city in ALL 4 Quadrants SW,NE,SE,NW!!”

by Prince Of Petworth July 27, 2016 at 4:15 pm 6 Comments

canabis color

So about those long lines you’ll see on Friday…

Cannabis Sees No Color:

“Cannabis is a Healer and a unifier for all. Our Cannabis Community represents healing for all. This event is to show the world that this one plant has the power to stop and prevent division and bring people together. We want people you to come share the good vibes with us. Friday July 29th from 11am to 11pm, we will host the Biggest #FreeTreatFriday that this city has ever seen. We are gifting treats, clones, seeds, goodie bags and more through out the city in ALL 4 Quadrants SW,NE,SE,NW!! Locations of the giveaways to be announced by Thursday July 28th via e-mail. REGISTER NOW!!! Please note all must be over the age of 21, we will card EVERYONE. No ID, No treat.

More details to come.

CITYWIDE ‪#‎CannabisSeesNoColor‬ ‪#‎FreeTreatFriday‬ ‪#‎FreeCloneFriday‬ #‎FreeSeedFriday‬

We are Championing biketothebeach.org ‪#‎RideforAutism‬ If you would like to learn more about their orginzation, or donate please visit their website. We will also be accepting donations for the Ride for Autism at each location, please note the seeds, clones, goodie bags and ect are free and dontations are not required. #FreeMeansFree”

  • Care

    What amazing news!

  • Rocky

    I love how it’s a pot free for all in DC now, thanks to some meddling Republicans, no less! It’s way easier to buy pot now than it was before legalization!

    • Eric Luntz

      LeafedIn is where it’s at!

  • TropicBird

    Hmmm. Register with email to get the locations? Admiral Akbar might say, :It’s a trap!”

    • DCMMJAdvocate

      DeFFFFFF not a trap. The folks that are putting this on are legit and true to their larger message. I met some of the people that are involved with this back in early april and was honestly pretty blown away by what they were doing.
      They were local DC residents, grew up in the city, witnessed first hand the disproportionate (racist) enforcement of DC law in the community. When legalization took effect, they began working with growers to provide medicine for patients who couldn’t afford it, encouraged people to liberate themselves from the illicit market for by self growing and gifting the bountiful harvests to friends and family.
      Its one thing to talk about it, its another to go out and help provide free medicine to those who are to sick and poor in the community. What they are doing is everything that is right about this city right now, it’s the healing of long standing wounds through the building of an open and diverse community based on mutual assistance. The reality is that right now their are individuals working damned hard to corner the legal market once it becomes taxed and regulated in the District. The current GOP obstruction actually had the unintended outcome of giving some breathing room free from the power grab for the limited number of retail/commercial cultivation permits, it allowed for a grassroots community to emerge based on following the gifting/healing philosophy of cannabis to its true form.

  • Glasses

    Any idea where they set up in northeast?


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