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Friday Question of the Day – Because we’re DC – Who will Clinton’s VP Be?

by Prince Of Petworth July 14, 2016 at 10:22 pm 37 Comments

VP Pick
Photo by PoPville flickr user Adam Fagen

It’s summer and it’s hot and we live in DC so let’s have some fun today. With Trump’s pick looking like Pence – who will Clinton pick for her VP? To the polls we go! And for the comments (for those into this sport) say who you would like the pick to be vs who you think it’ll be.

  • Eric

    Bill Clinton

  • Mike

    It won’t be him, but I still want Al Franken. Progressive, whip smart, and would be amazing in the attack dog role. Can you imagine him tweeting against trump?! And his vice presidential debate would be true must see TV!!

    • +1

    • My husband is in this camp, too. Franken has said repeatedly he has zero interest and he purposefully doesn’t do much national media.

  • DanielLevy

    Vincent Janssen

  • DCMau5


  • AE

    Yes!! He’d get my vote!

  • AE

    Reply to Mike above re Al Franken

  • AE

    Ack – Dan please bring your IT carvery to the rescue. Threading isn’t working ~

  • Ryan

    Should definitely be Kaine, gotta do whatever you can to lock up the aging centrist vote.

  • Idontgetit

    I’m for Uncle Joe as our forever VP!

    • Me too! Biden, VP for life!

  • skj84

    Tim Kaine or Julian Castro.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Please not creepy ol’ Tim Kaine, who always looks like he’s smiling, even when he isn’t smiling.

  • plowdodger

    Hillary would secure my vote with PoP as her running mate!

  • Jeff

    Retired Admiral William H. McRaven

  • Hill Denizen

    I’ve been saying we need to create an assistant VP position (or VP for life) just for Biden, kind of how Dems created the Assistant Leader position for Clyburn cuz they wanted him to stay in Leadership, but there’s not third position for the minority..

  • Georgia Ave

    It is between Tom Perez and Tim Kaine. Kaine is the safe bet, but Perez will generate more excitement. I am leaning Tom Perez. He will make a great Perezident!

  • Colhi

    Agree with Hill Denizen. Uncle Joe for life!

  • siz

    i used to work for the firm that did all the ads for kaine’s first and second gov runs, and the senate run. i’ve met him a bunch of times and he’s seriously the nicest dude in the world, and a pretty progressive thinker, for a virginia dem. i’ve long been hoping he’d make the 2016 or 2020 VP spots.

  • I wish it were Biden, but I’m sure he’ll still be great on the campaign trail. After working at DOD for 8 years, I really came to like Tim Kaine. He’s smart, inquisitive, respectful, and generally smart on issues vs. many others on the committees of jurisdiction. Sherrod Brown would be great, but I’m not willing to lose that Senate seat.

  • bruno

    Me too. Does anything prevent Biden serving as VP to two presidents?

  • dcd

    Re Franken, I understand the superficial appeal, but his history as a comedian provides so much opp material and fodder for ads that it’s a non-starter. He’s smart enough to understand this.

  • Truxton Thomas

    My guess is Sherrod Brown, followed by Julian Castro. I like Tim Kaine, but I still think she wants someone to bring out the Bernie vote, and Brown does that better than Kaine while offering support in Ohio. Won’t be Elizabeth Warren, though she of course would be the ultimate play for Bernie fanatics.

  • Duponter

    No. Except electability and having two 70 somethings on the ticket isn’t very inspiring.

  • AMDCer

    Yup – won’t be Warren, unfortunately – this country just isn’t ready for a single-sex ticket. /snark

  • Duponter

    Also, Sherrod Brown would be a great pick were it not for the fact John Kasich would get to pick his replacement and no one is interested in that if Democrats have any shot at winning back the Senate. Picking Kaine makes total sense. Swing state with a Democratic governor, safe polished politician, speaks Spanish fluently (unlike Julian Castro), would hold his own in any debate against Mike Pence (unlike Julian Castro), has been both a governor and Senator. I mean, short of him being pretty boring/safe, what isn’t appealing about him? Also Clinton Kaine has a nice ring to it on posters and bumper stickers. Although I do like the “Hillary Julian” option. I just think Julian Castro is not ready for this or remotely qualified.

  • Rosedale

    You’re now the second person today who’s told me that he’s the nicest, most down to Earth guy in person. But yet I still contend (like others do above) that he comes off a little creepy or fake in interviews. Maybe he’s just nervous in front of a camera?

  • Rosedale

    Sorry, my comment was meant in response to Siz.

  • AJ

    Cory Booker by far

  • domrep

    if Castro spoke Spanish, he’d be a shoe-in. But it will be Kaine.

  • bruno

    Agism! Sheesh! At least their faces won’t be immured in iPhones :^0

  • Green Monster

    Kaine or Vilsack.

  • KenyonDweller

    It will probably be Kaine. It won’t be Warren because: 1) the Dems would lose her Senate seat, at least temporarily; 2) Clinton doesn’t need to shore up the left–they will support her anyway; 3) Warren would outshine her on the campaign trail; and 4) she needs a white man on the ticket. Don’t get me wrong–I wish #4 weren’t true, but there is a segment of the population that will be more comfortable with a female president if there is an XY next to her. Similar to why Obama needed an old white dude. It won’t be Castro because she’ll win the Latino vote regardless and see #4. Plus, Kaine helps her take Virginia.

  • OiWithThePoodles

    I believe VPs are allowed to serve an unlimited number of terms, provided they never become President.

  • eb


  • anon

    Even for those who think he’s creepy or fake or too centrist, selection of Pence raises the possibility for Kaine substantially. He will seem like Mr Personality in a debate against Pence, who is about as dour and soporific as they come. And in comparison to Pence’s social positions Kaine looks like Margaret Cho.


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