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  • AG7

    DC seems to have a large number of car fires. What’s causing them? Do DC residents just completely neglect vehicle maintenance, or are they deliberately setting fires to collect insurance money?

    • FridayGirl

      Has a large number of fires compared to where? We probably have a lot more cars, too, since we’re a city after all. When I lived in LA there were car and truck fires on the freeways with some frequency.

    • Meg

      PoP also has a fascination with them and posts them regularly. I live a block away from this and would have never known it happened if I hadn’t seen it on here, so it’s also probably just that you don’t know when they’re happening.

    • spookiness

      @AG7 probably both.

    • Anonamom

      Little of column A, little of column B. My theory is that a lot of people don’t drive their cars frequently and don’t realize that this creates a whole new set of issues for an engine and fluids and things like that. Also, driving in traffic makes cars more prone to overheating. When you see a car-b-que in the middle of a traffic lane like this, assume it’s operator error of some sort. If a car goes up in smoke in an alley, it’s safe to assume it’s either insurance fraud or a stolen vehicle.
      Also, I agree with other posters – I don’t think there are more here than elsewhere, and I also recall there being more when I was younger.


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