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New art supply store, Artist & Craftsman Supply, Now Open in Brentwood!

by Prince Of Petworth July 22, 2016 at 11:00 am 11 Comments

1201 – 1203 Brentwood Rd, NE

From a press release:

“Artist & Craftsman Supply, an employee-owned chain of retail stores, has been supplying creative communities for over 30 years. Customers visiting Artist & Craftsman Supply’s other locations have often commented that they’d like a store in DC. The Portland, Maine based company has responded by opening two! Each store brings over 5000 square feet of hands-on shopping for professional artists, novices, crafters and kids. These quirky shops are staffed by passionate and knowledgeable local artists obsessed with a high standard of customer service.


In recent years, several major art suppliers have closed their doors, but Artist & Craftsman Supply has continued to grow. They’ve benefited from the DIY movement, which expanded greatly during the 2008 recession, and continues to be fueled by Etsy, Pinterest, and YouTube instructional videos. Artist & Craftsman’s stores continue to thrive due to the hands-on nature of their products, knowledgeable sales clerks and their willingness to adapt to the needs of the market.


Artist & Craftsman Supply has been very successful in many other locations by following its unique philosophy of adaptation: seeking out and inhabiting affordable and non-traditional spaces passed-on by conventional retail businesses. They purposefully put stores where artists live and work, connecting locally and tailoring stock accordingly. By providing items of interest for artists and non-artists alike in a fun and colorful environment, Artist & Craftsman Supply is an experience in and of itself.


The two DC area locations are:

Artist & Craftsman Supply
1201 – 1203 Brentwood Rd NE
Washington DC, 20018
(202) 526-4446
Manager – Molly Woods

Artist & Craftsman Supply
4902 43rd Ave
Hyattsville, MD 20781
(301) 887-1104
Manager – James Wine”

  • bruno


  • Cher

    this is so exciting! i hope they do well.

  • Chimbo

    I’m sure cheap rent was important to them. But it seems odd to open too of these niche stores essentially just a couple miles from each other along the Rhode Island Ave corridor.

    • Elle

      If you’re not driving, that couple of miles makes a big difference.

  • G

    Yes! This is exactly the type of retail I’d love to see come to DC.

  • They are great people — I’ve been in several times over the last month or so and they are super helpful. Great selection of painting supplies as well. Doesn’t hurt their Brentwood location is like 5 blocks from my house. I imagine they are up this way because of all the artists in the area — there are a lot of studios in Brookland, Mt Rainer, Brentwood and Hyattsville.

  • XAX

    The Rhode Island Ave corridor historically has attracted lots of artists because houses there are/were inexpensive and large compared to the rest of the city, perfect for studios but also easy-access to the culture DC has to offer. There are loads of artists who live and work in Rhode Island Ave/Mount Rainier/Brentwood/Hyattsville/Riverdale corridor– both long-time artists as well as an influx of new artists who have moved in recently because of the construction of new art studios, Pyramid Atlantic Art Center and to take advantage of the strength of the pre-existing arts community. Art supply stores such as Artist and Craftsman is a huge windfall and I am so confident they will do well because this corridor is ideal for small businesses; this stretch of DC hasn’t yet been completely taken over by the high-rent big box stores. So convenient to have an art supply store located near artist communities— nothing is more awkward than lugging a huge canvas on the Metro from downtown DC!

  • LittleBluePenguin

    oh that looks awesome! I’m going to have to go check them out sometime soon!

  • Jill

    I read about this on Ravelry but this is my first time seeing pictures. It looks a lot bigger and better stocked than what I was expecting!

  • Aglets

    This place is really great! well stocked and very helpful staff. I’m so happy to see them in DC!

  • brookland_rez

    Certainly an improvement over what was previously there.


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