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“Props to the cops but this is still scary.”

by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2016 at 1:50 pm 12 Comments


Thanks to Edward for passing on from MPD:

“While on patrol in the 600 block of Edgewood St NE, offices made conduct with several subjects. Upon further investigation, officers recovered a TEC9 with a high capacity magazine, a Glock40 with a high capacity magazine and resulted in three arrests. Great work by the officers of the Fifth District!”

  • samanda_bynes

    oh snap. the terrorists from Counter Strike are in DC!

    nah but seriously, good on them.

  • You should follow-up to see if the US Attorney office release the subject on a “no paper”

  • Anon. no. 5

    Neither one of those is a cheap gun. Someone had to have some serious cash$ to get those (legally or illegally).

  • reality

    And yet R’s in congress are currently trying to make it legal to have all these out in the open in DC. Leave DC gun laws alone!

    • Whatever

      Yeah! Because DC’s gun laws have worked so well!

      FYI places like TX have huge cities, tons of guns, and a tiny fraction of the gun violence DC has.

      • Really?!

        Then move to ducking TX and vote for Trump. What kind of argument is that? What part of the “more guns” argument you don’t understand? More is NOT the solution. De verdad que hay gente bruta…

      • AnonAnon

        Actually they did worked well. We went from having 500 homicides a year to 100-160. The city is much safer as a result. So please spare me the NRA claptrap. It is also part of the reason the city gentrified.

        Likewise the same for NYC…the gun laws were extremely effective, and NYC is now the safest city in the US. Restrictions work.

        • svi

          The city is safer because of the overall historic drop in crime, not gun control.

    • textdoc

      Eleanor Holmes Norton said it well the other day: “This week, House Republicans once again look to violate their self-proclaimed principles of local control over local affairs by imposing undemocratic riders on the District of Columbia.”

      • svi

        If the city did not stubbornly insist on defying a court order after court order, the house would not have to drag it kicking and screaming into respecting our constitutional rights.

        • Blithe

          Who exactly are you referring to with “our”?

        • KedTea

          The same way the House respects our right to Congressional representation, right?


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