Washington, DC


A reader reported at 9:30pm (presumably due to scheduled track work):

“Yellow and green now completely shut down. Typical metro, no warning at any station (not even gallery place). Must take the train up to Ft Totten to get to yellow/green northbound. I complained to these guys that metro should at least warn people at other stations. Surprise, surprise, the response was “it’s not my job” and “I just want to go home”.”

Ed. Note: I saw on WMATA’s website but it’s not clear (to me) that the tracks would be completely shut down. Perhaps it was due to the smoking incident earlier:

“Weeknight Metrorail rebuilding June 26 – June 30 2016

Green Line: 20-25 minutes

Monday through Thursday single tracking between Georgia Avenue-Petworth & Prince George’s Plaza to allow for switch replacement.”


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