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It’s Official – Angles and Little Fountain have Sold, Last Day is July 31st

by Prince Of Petworth June 9, 2016 at 10:55 am 11 Comments

2339 18th Street, NW

Last week I mentioned that no matter how hard you try you can not stop the winds of change. And sometimes that’s OK. Owners Patrick and Kim have been operating the bar and restaurant for coming on 23 years. And 23 years in Adams Morgan, surviving all the ups and downs is really 46 years. As I said last week, this place was really special to me. And it was really special to many others. It was a neighborhood bar for a neighborhood that didn’t really have a neighborhood bar (no offense to Millie & Al’s, RIP) when they opened in ’95 (Little Fountain opened a couple years earlier in ’93.) Anyway why was this spot so special to me and many others? Like any good neighborhood, it is because of the people. And the people came because of Patrick and Kim.

Patrick looking wistful remembering the good times and the tough times but mostly the good times

Now this may sound a bit ridiculous – but Patrick is a little bit like ‘the most interesting man in the world’ from those beer commercials. And when you’re incredibly interesting you attract an incredibly interesting clientele. And bike messengers. I kid, I kid. But seriously some of those bike messengers were crazy. Hell almost every regular in that place was a bit crazy.

But Patrick was/is a photographer who regularly traveled to Afghanistan and many other far flung spots (Eritrea) well before most folks had even heard of the Buddhas of Bamiyan. And Angles attracted many from that world, including many journalists. I think this must be the only bar in Adams Morgan that showed PBS news hour every single night on one of their TVs. Every single night. And you can imagine the conversations. Let’s just say there were many a late night trying to forge Middle East peace and predict who would be the next President of the US. There were also many a late night with folks fighting over the pool tables (since removed). And when I say fighting over the pool tables I mean smashing pool cues and throwing balls and pretty much turning into an all out riot. Why? Because someone skipped the list. But I digress. I have so many memories of the space and the people that I can’t possibly retell them all. What I can say is that for me and many others this truly was our living room, and a home away from home. I’m sure I lost a few years of my life from the experience but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. So I’ll take this opportunity to wish Patrick and Kim the absolute best in their next adventure.

As for angles and little fountain – last night will be Saturday July 31st. Though Patrick laughs and his eyes light up when realizes that means they’ll be open for the GOP convention July 18th and it will likely be a crazy fun night.

The building is 130 years old and the new owners will completely gut and rehab it. Stay tuned for info on that soon. In the meantime I’ll just say, thanks for the memories and for my introduction to the real DC.

“I just wanted to open a nice neighborhood bar, that’s all”


Jimi Hendrix-Gypsy Eyes by NashMilan

  • Philippe Lecheval

    This makes me sad because I also have a lot of great memories of both Angles and Little Fountain.
    And wow, is the building really 130 years old? I didn’t think that Adams Morgan had been developed in the 1880s.

  • Pixie

    I loved Angles and went there all the time when I lived in the neighborhood. I’m sad to this see this place go and wish Patrick and Kim all the best.

  • Dcrat

    Sorry to see them go. Angles was always an oasis even on a Saturday night. What I do like about this story is that they are going out on their terms and not because a neighborhood got hot and the landlord decided to jack the rent (cough, cough, Domku, cough)

  • Quinn

    There is still one pool table all the way in the back with the jukebox!

    I love this place so much. I’m going to miss it.

  • The only place I ever felt that the bartenders (R.I.P Norm) knew my name.

  • D

    This place will be missed.

  • J

    I will miss Little Fountain, Patrick’s spot-on wine recommendations and most especially the chocolate chip bread pudding!

  • Jane ruggles

    Good luck to Patrick and Kim for new adventures! You will be missed but thanks for the great memories!

  • Anon

    I just teared up a little.

  • The Other Jason

    All the best to Patrick and Kim. We spent many nights sitting in the alcove watching primped out bros and skin-tight dresses strut on 18th street only to trip on the uneven sidewalk (the only thing I regret about the sidewalk renovations). Watching the olympic opening ceremonies on their 15″ screens, “playing” pool – which usually started as pool and ended as karaoke, winning our super-unofficial “Best BLT” contest circa 2008-09, and lots and lots of Angle’s Ales. Oh, and filming House Hunters there. You guys are the best!

  • Nooooooo this was the only good place to go on New Year’s Eveeeeeeeeeeeeee


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