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  • bll

    i haven’t seen them in person, but I love how the ones I’ve seen online are all for food, specifically fast food.

  • RandomReply

    Years ago, maybe 2005, I saw one in a tunnel. It played out like a short video. I’d love to see more of those in the tunnel system. God knows, WMATA could use the ad money.

    • textdoc

      Yeah — I think for a while they had ads on the walls between Gallery Place and Metro Center. They were done in such a way that when the train went through, they “played” like a movie to people inside the train.
      I think wrapped trains are relatively new. I don’t remember seeing any until this year.

      • Truxton Thomas

        Yes, I remember one for Nestle Quik a few years ago. The little bunny bounced around as you passed through the tunnel. It took me by complete surprise.

      • stacksp


        Been done before numerous times and typically during the summer to impress the tourists lol. The movies in the tunnels were kinda dope back in the day.

      • textdoc

        I rarely had occasion to be on the Red Line between those two stations, so I think I saw only one such “movie.”

      • Reality

        Yes, I remember Nesquik too!

    • MtP

      I forgot about these! I think I saw them in 2009 or so, but it might have been on a trip to DC before I moved here. I agree, why not get as much money as you can. I say plaster the system with ads to help fund it, who cares.

    • west_egg
  • General Grant Circle

    In my whole life of living in DC I have never actually seen one in person…

  • Reality

    A few years ago I saw one for one of the local stations, ABC, NBC, CBS… something like that.

  • Jerry Grundle

    Yes, to echo what others have said, you’d occasionally see wrapped trains years ago, but it has never been an especially common practice.

  • above7-11

    I think Uber should start running ads on the metro. 20 minutes until the next train arrives?

  • DRC

    Honestly, why the hell doesn’t the metro sell more ads? The trains/metro in Japan were covered in ads. I hear every day how much metro sucks and needs money to fix so many things, but they are missing out on a huge amount of advertising revenue. They plaster stuff all over the busses, why not the trains as well?? Get a huge deal together with an ad company and sell every last inch of space inside the trains, outside the trains, in the tunnels, in the stations, etc.

  • meh

    These have always been available but as any marketing person in the city will tell you, it is not cheap to wrap a metro car/bus/etc. Prices run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and you must agree to purchase a certain lower limit as well. I’m guessing that’s why seeing them is so rare unless it’s (like in this case) a major corporation doing the advertising.

  • Yes, Wrapped Rail Cars are back in Washington, DC! McDonalds was the first advertiser posted this year, look out for the next wrapped campaign at the end of June.


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