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“Anyone else have issues like this?”

NC Gardens

Ed. Note: You may also wish to contact the Mobile Crisis Team (MCS). “The team is part of the Dept of Mental Health’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program which operates 3 mental health programs:

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES): 202-673-9319 (24hrs, 7 days per week)
Mobile Crisis Services (MCS): 202-673-9300 (9am -1am, 7 days per week)
Homeless Outreach Program (HOP): 202-673-9124 (9am -8pm , M-F)

Also you can call 311, 911 or 1(888)7WE-HELP (1-888-793-4357).”

“Dear PoPville,

At 6:05pm, Tuesday, at the corner of 16th at North Carolina Ave NE, I saw a disheveled, 45-50ish woman rolling a big suitcase with a few bags hanging from it. She rolled to the front of our building and hung out on the side walk, like she was looking for someone. I went out the back stairway, but when I came around the building on my bike, she had pulled a bottle of cleaning fluid and was dumping/flinging it everywhere (and unfortunately focusing on the buzzer). I yelled at her, asked her what the hell she was doing, and started taking photos. She yelled at me about termites, scorpions, coming from the crust of the earth, etc etc etc. A neighbor stepped out for a cigarette and saw her walking back to her bags. She packed her bags and left.

Anyone else have issues like this?”

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